Field Day

2024 Field Day

June 22nd - 23rd

2023 Field Day a Success!! 

SC4ARC operated from La Honda Open Space Preserve at the top of Sears Ranch Rd in La Honda. Nine ham radio operators made 382 contacts with other hams around the nation and Canada in a 24 hour period. Nineteen members of the club participated in setting up and taking down two antennas, two radio stations, and a food tent. We had 36 visitors to the site including elected officials and representatives of local agencies.

Photos and coverage map from this year's event are below.

Watch our Field Day 2023 video produced by Rick, KM6JVK

Mobile Tower Trailer with 40 foot mast

ARRL Field Day

Each year the last full weekend of June is Field Day. SC4ARC has participated in this national event since the club began. It's an opportunity to set up a full off-the-grid operating station in less than 24 hours, and make as many radio contacts as possible in the ensuing 24 hour period.

We utilize many different antennas and radios to see what works best in each year's location. We've operated from La Honda Gardens, Langley Hill, Skyline Ridge, and La Honda Open Space Preserve.

Friday we set up radios, antennas, power, and operating stations.

There's also a "Get On The Air" station and an info booth about ham radio and the club.

Saturday morning we are on the air reaching as many stations as we can in a 24 hour period.

We can reach the East Coast, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii and beyond!

Two Honda generators and a solar panel power the whole setup.

Food is important too!!! We all enjoy a potluck dinner on Saturday.

Up All Night!!!
Mary, AF6IE on the mic.

Photos from Field Day 2023 at La Honda Open Space Preserve