Got your license?
Get a Ham Buddy

Congratulations for getting your amateur radio license! You’ve joined the increasing number of people interested in experimenting with radio communications and supporting our coastal communities in the event of an emergency.

Our “Ham Buddy” program matches those interested in learning more about ham radio with club members willing to share their knowledge. Contact to request a Ham Buddy.

Everybody Needs a Ham Buddy!

Get on the Air

The most important thing after getting your Amateur License is getting on the air. A Ham Buddy can help you:

  • Buy your first radio

  • Learn to program your radio

  • Choose an appropriate antenna

  • Practice radio communications

  • Gain confidence leading a Directed Net

And more…

Special Projects

Have a special project you need help with? SC4ARC veteran members are happy to help you level up your skills and try new rigs.

  • Antenna building

  • Soldering

  • Computers and digital modes; Winlink, PSK-31, Packet radio, logging software

  • High Frequency (HF) Radios, entry-level to advanced

And much more..