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The SC4 Amateur Radio Club can be reached by mail, general or individual email


SC4 Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 237
La Honda, CA 94020

Email 2024 Board Members:

Pat O'Coffey, KJ6GMG - President
Pam LoCoco. KN6WPW - Vice President
Jerry Haddox, N6QZH - Treasurer
Neil Panton, W6VG - Secretary

Members at Large:
Udy Gold, KN6BGA - Member at Large
Eva Knodt, KN6CZD - Member at Large
Lori LaRue, KN6GMF - Member at Large
Catherine Peery, KK6UFX - Member at Large
Nadezdha Rogozhkin, KN6REB - Member at Large

Other contact info:

Jerry Haddox, N6QZH- Radio Officer
Jerry Haddox, N6QZH- ARES Liason Officer
Catherine Peery, KK6UFX - Public Information Officer
Alex Rogozkhin, KN6REA - Property Officer
Email the entire Board -