If you are not already a member of ARRL, please consider joining. And, if you are currently a member of ARRL and it's time to renew that membership, see below for an exciting new benefit for our club if you join or renew through the club.

ARRL (American Radio Relay League) is the national association for amateur radio. Joining ARRL provides you with many benefits, such as:  journals, magazines, newsletters, product reviews, a learning center, technical information services, forums, and member pricing products.  The biggest benefit that I think ARRL provides is advocacy in Congress and the courts for the protection of amateur frequencies and ham operators. Our club, SC4ARC, also benefits from being an ARRL Affiliated Club, such as lower liability insurance rates. To be an affiliated club, at least 51% of our members must also be members of ARRL. At the end of 2022, 59% of our members were also ARRL members.

The New ARRL Affiliated Club Commission Program:  Allows affiliated clubs to earn a commission on new and renewing regular memberships. Each new ARRL member earns the club a $15.00 commission. Each renewal earns the club a $5.00 commission.

The process for joining or renewing with ARRL under this Commission Program is as follows:

1.  Each new or renewing ARRL member should fill out the ARRL membership application for Affiliated Clubs. See below.

2.  Make Full payment to ARRL via check, cash, or credit card.  One year membership is $49, plus $10 for a family member.

3.  Give or mail your application and payment to the SC4ARC club secretary – Neil, W6VG. Our mailing address is:

 PO Box 237, La Honda CA 94020.

4.  The club sends all applications with payments received along with the Club Commission Reconciliation Form to ARRL for processing.

5.  Once received by ARRL, the club will receive the commission.

What a great way to support Amateur Radio through ARRL and your Club!