Coastside Gives



and our Power Hour is May 4th from 1pm to 2pm

SC4ARC will be participating in Coastside Gives 2023.  Coastside Gives is sponsored by the Mavericks Community Foundation.  They conduct an annual event that brings the Coastside together as one community while raising money and awareness for our local nonprofits during a 24-hour giving challenge.  

Funds raised from Coastside Gives will go towards the improvement and maintenance of our network of radio repeaters, radios, antennas, mobile stations and Winlink capabilities on the San Mateo South Coast and South Skyline areas. SC4ARC owns and maintains the infrastructure which provides support for SC4ARES, the Amateur Radio Emergency Services. These are the radio operators who are activited in the event of an emergency or disaster to provide radio communications. We have worked with La Honda Fire Brigade, Red Cross, Large Animal Evac, and CERT (Community Emergeny Response Teams).

Donate now or any time before midnight on May 4th. Our "Power Hour" is May 4th from 1pm - 2pm. During this hour we try to receive as many "unique" donations as we can. Select the DONATE NOW button below to go directly to our Coastside Gives Campaign.

Thank you for your generous support!