• Repost from Craig Eddy on the La Honda Google Group: “Vic Hill longtime iconic La Honda resident passed away on August 14th at 6am after a 10 year battle with Cancer. For anyone interested there will be a gathering to honor him on Sept 11th at 1pm on the La Honda Cafe patio.”

    Vic was one of the early members of our club and a wonderful person.…[Read more]

  • We’re about 3.5 miles west of La Honda, on the left (south) side of 84. Go just past Driscoll Event Center, the rodeo grounds, and turn left onto the lane going to the OVY Youth Camp Event Center. There’s a yellow sign on the hill, and mailboxes and a sign up there with addresses – 5360/5350. I’ll also put an A frame out so you’ll know you’re in…[Read more]

  • Thanks for all the responses. Sounds like we’ll have a great build party! Time will be 10am (setup around 9am). We’ll likely order a few pizzas from the market for lunch, but should wrap up around 12:30 or 1pm. Let me know if you need directions to the house. – Neil

  • You are invited to an Antenna Build Party August 7th, 10am – 1pm at Neil and Mary’s house in San Gregorio. It’s a repeat of the event we held here in 2020 – an opportunity to build your own 2 meter/70cm J-pole antenna. Quite a few club members walked away with antennas that helped get them better transmission and reception into our repeater. If…[Read more]

  • Neil, W6VG replied to the topic Field Day 2021 in the forum Group logo of GeneralGeneral 2 months, 4 weeks ago

    Thanks Angelo for leading another great FD, and to all the planners that made FD work again remotely. Eva, maybe you and I can get together and figure out your bonus points and get your logs submitted.

    Thanks also to Irma for hosting Zoom again this year and recording our flash educational demos. A little editing and three should be ready to post…[Read more]

  • Neil, W6VG replied to the topic Field Day 2021 is coming ! in the forum Group logo of GeneralGeneral 3 months ago

    Thanks Lisa. I will be having a visitor station open to club members and special guests from noon to 6pm on Saturday, 8am-10am Sunday. I’m in San Gregorio, address provided on request. If anyone is interested in seeing/helping with Friday set-up, let me know. It will be mid to late afternoon Friday.

    I have an educational opportunity for flash…[Read more]

  • The Education Committee is happy to announce that two videos by Neil & Mary have been posted to the club’s YouTube channel. Both show basic radio operations during a Field Day event. The first demonstrates making voice contacts (phone) by CQ’ing (calling for other stations to contact you). The second shows how to make digital contacts using Fldigi…[Read more]

  • Thanks Angelo! Starting this week I’m turning my attention to my FD station and Operations Chief duties. Mary and I will update the weekend schedule. I’d like to do another educational session, possibly soldering or maybe Winlink. Would like to hear which would be of more interest.

    My visitor station will largely remain the same as last years. I…[Read more]

  • Neil, W6VG replied to the topic Net Control Operators in the forum Group logo of GeneralGeneral 5 months, 1 week ago

    I can take April 26th and May 3rd if still available. – Neil

  • Neil, W6VG replied to the topic 2021 Field Day in the forum Group logo of GeneralGeneral 5 months, 2 weeks ago

    Mary and I will be fully vaccinated well before Field Day and would love to participate in a group event if possible. The Resource Trailer has worked well as an outdoor station and would be a good asset for the event. I will volunteer to help set up an antenna or two to get us on the air! Mary says she can also help set up antennas.

  • Neil, W6VG replied to the topic 10m net in the forum Group logo of GeneralGeneral 6 months ago

    It was fun to test. After we do a little more testing and determine that 10m could work around our area, we could likely help build antennas and possibly find inexpensive radios to build or buy. It would be a good project, but I don’t think we should confuse people about our current emergency protocols. Everyone should be clear on which…[Read more]

  • Neil, W6VG replied to the topic 2021 Winter Field Day in the forum Group logo of GeneralGeneral 8 months ago

    I’m still planning to participate but can’t get into the survey form. – VG

  • I will do Thursday 0000-0600
    Neil W6VG

  • Neil, W6VG replied to the topic Education Committee in the forum Group logo of GeneralGeneral 8 months ago

    I’m interested in being on this committee. – Neil

  • Neil, W6VG replied to the topic 2021 Winter Field Day in the forum Group logo of GeneralGeneral 8 months, 1 week ago

    Thanks Irma! I’m starting my prep this week but am planning on moving the trailer and raising antennas next week. I’d welcome a shadow, but the weather forecast doesn’t look amenable to proper outdoor protocols! I’d be happy to do a zoom or two with new hams with questions at some point during setup.

    Good thought about a live cam during…[Read more]

  • The budget for the Resource Trailer in 2021 has been uploaded to the library. It can be found here. – Neil

  • Thanks for posting all your details Eva. Yes, cross-band repeating is a very useful function. There may be a presentation in our library about it and we’ve had it as a tech session at meetings, but definitely worth revisiting. The fires and subsequent possibility of debris flows had us thinking about it again for communications in…[Read more]

  • Hi Sue,

    Your trip sounds great, and ham radio will be important to have with you on the road and on the trail. It might be easier to talk offline so I’ll send you a message. In short, having a handy-talkie such as the FT-60 will be great on the trail, but having a mobile base station with a good antenna in your truck offers several advantages…[Read more]

  • Great! IC anyone?

  • Any interest in Winter Field Day this year? We can participate as a club as we did last June (remotely) or register on our own. The dates are January 30/31st. I plan to participate one way or another!

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