Wish List for SC4ARES Equipment

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    Bob, W6RES

    Let’s get this party started:

    2 Comm headsets dedicated for the LHFB OES radio

    Paul, KJ6MPZ

    one with a boom mike if possible


    Headphone splitter.  I ordered one for me and one for the yellow box.  So it’s on and off the wish list.




    $25 + free shipping



    Bob, W6RES

    Nice! And it runs on 12V, so we can add it to the PowerPole party!  🙂




    That headphone amplifier is also available from B&H Photo:  $25 including shipping.


    Heil single ear, pro headset from HRO  runs $140.85 and consists of:

    Installing the boom mike would remove the original mike and eliminate the on the mike key-pad (which lets you enter frequencies easily or remote control repeaters, phone patch., etc.) and the operator would still have the push to talk button in their non-writing hand.  A foot switch could be substituted for $25.95, instead, but you would still lose the keypad.  Personally I don’t see the boom mike/hand switch as easier to use than the hand held mike and I like to keep the hardware as simple as possible.




    Bob, W6RES said:

    Nice! And it runs on 12V, so we can add it to the PowerPole party!  🙂

    I have a couple of those amps and the power and signal grounds are connected.  That’s also the case with the radio.  If you use PowerPoles on the amp then you get a ground loop (and that can cause funny issues) as both the amp and radio have their power and signal grounds connected (some audio will travel over the power lines and some power will travel over the audio wire.)  You may have no problems at all, but it’s better to have an isolator in either the power line (use the wall wart transformer) or in the audio path so you don’t get surprised.  We could get some line isolators for the audio cables and make sure that everyone knows why they’re important, or use a small inverter to take the 12 volt battery to 120 volt AC for the wall wart.  The inverter might be useful for other tasks, too, but it will use up precious battery power.  It’s stuff to consider…

    Mary, AF6IE

    Me like boom mike. But then, I’m not likely to be net control.

    Are we talking about headsets with external noise reduction ear pads? isn’t noise in the fire house a concern? Wasn’t that a problem the last time we were there? Janeen? Linda?

    Mary, AF6IE

    Yadayada amps/cross/isolation/warts&all…..After reading above, I feel comfortable that the likes of those three apostles, Peter, Paul and Bob, will work out the technical details. Here’s my simple prayer after looking about a bit and listening to one who has been there in the trenches more than once (Linda):

    Please, Sirs or Madams:
    1. Removable boom mike…hand mike with keypad can be sub’d in.
    2. 24db noise exclusion removable ear pads, one side audio with second pad to cover other ear if desired for excellent audio isolation.
    3. Second headset for listening only, for use with splitter.
    4. Excellent audio transmission.
    3. Optional foot PTT??
    Has anyone looked at the Radiosport sets? Here’s one of the many very positive reviews of their new RS60 from

    “It’s been about six months. Time for a review. I had been using various Heil headsets, and prior to that various non-ham headsets. The RS60CF I purchased is in a different league. It is a commercial, professional quality headset that happens to be sold for ham use. It’s built like a tank. Even the audio cable uses Teflon as a component and appears indestructible. The received audio sensitivity with my IC-7600 is excellent as is the audio quality. I have also received good reports for transmitted audio.
    One of the main reasons for my purchase was acoustic isolation; the RS60CF cuts me off from the outside world to such an extent that I can barely tell if my amp is on (with my eyes closed, of course.) The only “complaint”, which I have gotten accustomed to, is that the cable is relatively rigid. It’s not a typical “soft and very flexible” cable that all of my previous headsets have come with. I called Dave at Arlan and he stated that the cable basically needs to be what it is in order to be as durable as it is. I can live with that. I’ve coiled the excess cable and tie-wrapped it on the desk which isn’t too bad. Perhaps Arlan can come out with a coiled cord as an option, instead of the supplied straight on.

    They also have the RS15 specifically designed for ecomm. Someone may think about it for personal use.


    Those Radiosport headsets are nice.  They’ve had a booth at Pacificon and their products are comfortable and look well made.


    It’s a matter of tastes:  If everyone only liked vanilla, Baskin Robbins wouldn’t have 31 flavors. 😉

    Mary, AF6IE

    Actually, the RS60 review really does not address directly what we need. The RS15 would seem to fit our needs and is $169.00 + the appropriate cable, 100 less than the 60. However, as you know, I can’t vet the electronics so ….. I have no idea if it is compatible with the 7800. But the review speaks to the quality of this providers products, as does the review of the RS20 listen only set.


    I think basic (inexpensive and vanilla flavored) tools for the yellow box is a good thing.  People will probably bring their own ‘Chunky Monkey’ from their go-kits anyway, to keep them happy while on the job.


    Here’s a ground isolator ready to go from Amazon for $15

    Kensington ground isolator
    Use this between the radio and the headphone amplifier if you connect the amplifier directly to the 12 volt supply shared with the radio (you’re not using the wall wart.)

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    Very cool idea- turns any surface into a whiteboard.

    Adda, KU1NNA

    4 folding tables and 8 folding chairs for horse trailer $400 Costco, or donations?

    Neil, W6VG

    I would donate to this cause!

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