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Winlink Presentation

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    I’ve uploaded this morning’s Winlink presentation to the library. You will find it here. I added a list of resources to the very end.

    There are a huge number of combinations of software, computers and OSs, methods of interface and radios so there won’t be a simple check list of how-to: You will have to experiment a bit to find what works for you. You probably will not hurt anything if you mess up, so feel free.

    A good plan of action might be:

    1. Get a TNC operating. Either a hardware unit or get an interface and install software. Test it on a simplex channel. Most of us don’t have a deviation meter to set the hardware TNC or the volume on an interface card, but you can get close by monitoring your transmitted signal with a second radio and turning up the transmitted volume until it won’t get louder and then back off until you just notice it decrease.
    2. Once you have a working TNC connected to the radio try setting up Winlink Express or Outpost and connect to one of the Winlink Gateways. If you don’t already have a password for Winlink then leave that field blank. Do enter a password recovery email address in the appropriate field! On your first successful connect, the Winlink system will register your account and email your password to your recovery email address. Connect directly to W6SCF-10 or digipeat W6SCF-10 via W6SCF-5
    3. If you get any response back, then great! If you manage to successfully send a message then congratulate yourself! Note that you cannot send a Winlink message to your own Winlink address. Send it to your regular email for test purposes. If you don’t get any response when you try to connect then check your settings and try again. You may be out of range of a direct connect so try the digipeater, or it may be vice versa. If you feel totally lost then reach out to someone who has more experience: It’s why we have a club full of people who can help.
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