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What a weekend!

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    Thank you all who participated in this year’s Field Day. We had a really good turnout with 44 people signing our guest book, including 19 club members; so we did have walk through traffic from the public.

    Special thanks to Jack, WA6DQP and Jeneen, KI6PGB the heads of our committees who set up the antennas and radios and organized the food. Thank you to Neil and Mary (W6VG and AF6IE) for the signs along Highway 84 and the posters that seemed to be everywhere and for getting our event mentioned in the local press. Thank you to Will, W6NZH for operating our GOTA station and patiently guiding folks who’ve never touched a radio before through their very first contact. Thank you to our operators and to our loggers, to Chris W6KNS, Art W6VV and Greg WA6DQP who operated CW, showed us how it’s done and racked up our CW standing. Thank you to the folks who came to dinner on Saturday night and make this club more than just classes and drills. Thank you to Sullivan’s for hosting Friday night bartending as our outreach and fund raiser for the club, to Bill, KI6MEG for the to the point poster he made for the bar, and to the La Honda Country Store for extending us credit and serving as our kitchen and pantry for the event.

    I’ve not yet added up all of our points, but this year, our operators made 332 contacts including 71 by CW and 261 by phone, adding up to 403 total QSOs in 24 hours (CW contacts count twice as much as phone.) Last year we made about 180 phone contacts, besting our previous 150 or so contacts. I’ll be adding up the points later this week and posting some interesting charts showing the changing band conditions over a 24 hour period.

    I hope that I haven’t left anyone out in my thanks: This only worked because so many people came together to help. I think that by any measure this Field Day was a great success.

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