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UPDATE! Local Repeater (146.730) is still down!

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    I’ve been in touch with Peter and Will about the repeater status. Will is coming home at midnight tonight, and hopefully will be able to take a look at the installation tomorrow. I went up there this afternoon and the antennas are in the correct position and the cables that I could inspect look good. After unplugging and plugging back in and turning off and on all components, I tried to activate it with my HT. I heard the beep and ID just like usual, but when I tried to contact Jack Eddy and any station monitoring, no one came back. Jack did not hear me. I have asked Dan Bennett (OES) for permission to use the 805 (CTRL 95) repeater for our priority and emergency traffic. I have not heard back from him. Considering the fact that no one monitors the OES repeater unless activated, I am making the decision for all of us to use it for any priority or emergency traffic. I’ll call Dan tomorrow, and I’m sure we’re good to go, but we need coverage now. The link we’re using is up by the Hiker’s Hut and so all of us should be able to reach it. The freq is 146.805 and the pl is the same as our repeater – Peter reminded me that it is CTL 95 – if you were able to have your radio upgraded at the last club meeting. Please use this freq for priority or emergency traffic only, until further notice. Currently, jack Eddy and I are using CMD 31* – I hope to meet with Will tomorrow during the inspection, and have a better idea about the repair that needs to be done. Please continue to check your email for updates!
    Also, I need to know ASAP who is available to monitor the 805 repeater so that Pat and Jeneen can work on a schedule and relay band plan with me, immediately.
    We’re SO blessed to have Will coming home from Hawaii tonight!!!!

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    I’m currently monitoring the W6SCF / CMD31 input frequency at 146.130 as well as the output.

    I can switch to CTRL95 if necessary.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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