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    We’re organizing a trip to KPH in Pt. Reyes to help restore their antennas.  If you’re interested, let me know which date would work best for you:  Oct. 27 or Nov. 10.  It’s an all day affair, a lot of driving, but also a lot of fun and it helps the station out.







    Lisa, W6LSC

    Nov. 10th is best for me.  I’m busy with a cardiology project 10/27.


    I have 3 people so far that are interested in going to KPH on Nov. 10.  I think more people will

    also be joining us.  So mark your calendars for the 10th.  More details after the SET…





    The trip to KPH will be on Nov. 10.  We should be there by around 9am.  Let’s see how many people are interested, and then

    we’ll organize a carpool and (inexpensive) dinner plans.  Here’s the info I have from Bill Ruck:

    The plan for Saturday November 10th is to repair two HF antennas that will have been lowered to the ground.  Once they are repaired
    we’ll have a professional crew raise them back up the following week.

    It may take many hands to untangle one of the antennas and get it laid out properly.  So extras are not a problem.

    This will happen at our Bolinas transmitter site.

    Generally we meet starting around 9 AM.  At 10 AM we have Services of the Church of the Continuous Wave — coffee and pastries in the
    lunch room.  They we go to work.

    I am certain that a good tour can be made of the transmitter facility without hampering the effort.





    This is who I have signed up for the KPH trip.  We need to organize carpooling…let me know

    if you are willing to be a driver, if you would like a ride, or if you’d like to drive yourself.


    Peter & Lisa (driving themselves)




    Dave Richards


    I think Will and Greg are also planning to be there, but haven’t heard directly from them

    to confirm.  We need to be in Bolinas no later than 9:30, and we will probably find a place

    to have dinner after.



    Paul, KJ6MPZ

    I am interested in this trip….what time would we have to leave???



    The KPH Antenna Conundrum:


    Antenna Conundrum




    They told us there was an antenna that needed to be repaired, but all that we found was balled up wire…  😉

    Paul, KJ6MPZ

    holy smokes…..where do you begin with this????


    That one was the ‘easy’ one!  I didn’t get a picture of the other one…there was too much bushwhacking going on to take pictures.

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