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Trailer Committee Report and Budget posted to website

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    Neil, W6VG

    The 2018 Trailer Committee Report and 2019 Trailer Budget have been posted to the library. You can find it in the Library under 2019/ 02 (for February), or click the link below. Many thanks to the committee members and all of our club for their hard work and 4 successful deployments of the trailer in 2018! – Neil


    Irma, KM6JVU

    Neil – great report. Question: how will the items listed under “2019 improvements” be paid for (APRS beacon, canopy weights, roof ladder, etc)? Won’t we need funding for those, and is that over and above the $200 annual maintenance reserve fund?


    Neil, W6VG

    Thanks, Irma. The trailer in large part has been funded by donations. Every member of the committee has committed time, money, and misc. items to the project. In other cases donations have come from club members including some large items like the solar panel and the trailer itself! I don’t mean to commit Mike here, but he’s been interested in the idea of an APRS beacon for quite a while, and may find a way to make it happen. I’ve already purchased a number of weight bags ($10 or so for a set of four) that just need to be filled with sand or gravel. The committee has not yet discussed a roof ladder in detail, the idea just came up at Winter Field Day. The reserve fund is “reserved” for the ongoing maintenance of registration, tires, roof or window repairs and battery replacement. Since most of these items are new, reserves should be well funded before we need to start dipping into them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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