The Bench Building Miracle Contiues!

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    Tommorow, 1000 hours, La Honda Fire Station.
    11 angels showed up today and every single piece of lumber is cut, ALL of the leg assemblies finished, and the seat boards routered. All that’s left is the actual assembly. If you missed out on the fun today, come be an angel tomorrow!
    I’m grilling burgers!
    If you have a spinning handle for a 7//16 socket, that tool will make the lag bolt tightening a breeze. My heartfelt thanks to Neil, Peter, Craig, Bob, Jeneen, and Jack McK, AWESOME effort today.


    Ack sorry I missed this. I didn’t realize it conflicted with the CERT drill. I was thinking this was NEXT weekend.

    Also sorry for calling you Linda, I didn’t have anyones number and Ari hadn’t responded to my text. I had assumed you were part of the CERT drill as well. I tried to call out on the repeater frequency around 12:30 from Pescadero 59 but I don’t think anyone was monitoring there.

    Again, sorry for bothering you. Glad you had enough peeps for the benches. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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