South Skyline Drill Nov 7

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    Most of you are already aware that we are having a drill for participating neighborhoods in the South Skyline area on Sat., Nov 7. The scenario is going to be a large earthquake. We will be exercising our CERT teams to do search/rescue, triage and damage assessment. And, of course, we will be testing radio connectivity. “Victims” from Portola Heights will be transported to the MROSD Skyline Field Office. Dr. Rich Lee will be lead medical guy at that facility. He hopes that we can find 6-7 walk-in victims. So, I’m thinking that maybe some of you would be willing victims — grandkids make great pretend victims. In doing so, you would be able to see the communications infrastructure we have at that facility. Bryan recently installed a new way of raising the antenna tower. If you would like to participate, you can come to the ranger station between 10:30 and noon. You can make up your own injuries and “decorate” as appropriate. It will be lots of fun. Thanks for your help!

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