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some check-ins / radio checks 11/12 AM

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    Casey, KA5WAX

    Hey folks, heads up.

    Some Butano CERTs are taking a merry tour out of the Shire the Canyon tomorrow morning early. 2 of us are hams, and 2 licensed GMRS users, and I hope we’ll be checking coverage on CMD31 and our Butano GMRS repeater from the Ranch Road areas. I expect it to mostly work modulo terrain specifics.

    We’ll be wobbling up from the Dearbourne side, and some may wobble down the new dozer cut which comes out mid-Madrone.

    Worse case we’ll be talking to ourselves; not simply kerchunking the repeater / link.

    thank you for your various patiences, and if this is improper use of the systems LMK and we’ll knock it off.

    Neil, W6VG

    Thanks for the warning Casey. I think it’s a proper use of the system. Most proper would be to ID from a known location right before you start your tour. Let folks know again what you’re up to in case we only hear kerchunks. Good luck with your tests! – Neil

    Casey, KA5WAX

    catching up = Neil I will be sure to do that next time. the crew was stretched out, which
    was a good exercise itself. We jumped back between the BU-n GRMS channels, CMD31, and CMD31D,
    as listeners may of noticed.

    And thanks all for chiming in when you could.

    We also managed to get some traffic through our dorky GRMS repeater once we were
    above Butano Junction ( a neologism for ya ) which is more inspiration to push that
    forward a bit. it was one of those ‘stand on one leg and hold your mouth just right’ things
    I’ll admit.

    the fireroads/dozer lines are astounding up there.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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