SET (Simulated Emergency Test) radio operator sign-ups

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    The SET is on Saturday, October 21 9am-3pm. CERT, Large Animal Evac, LHFB, and possibly MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) will all be participating along with the hams. The scenario will be a fire in Middleton Tract. There will be 2 DOCs open for the drill: one at the La Honda fire house and one at Saratoga Summit. The CEOC may also be open in HMB, in which case we will also need a relay in Pescadero. We need as many hams participating as we can get. Some will be working the DOCs and some will be working with the CERT teams.

    I know most of you are also CERT certified and may want to participate as a CERT member ~and~ as a ham operator in one of the DOCs, and I think we can manage that if I know ahead of time so we can make a schedule that allows you to do both on different shifts.

    Please respond to this post or send me an email and let me know if you will be participating and if you want to do both CERT and ham, or if there are any other particulars about your assignment you’d like to be accommodated. I’ll try to place people where and when they’d like to be, but can’t make any guarantees.

    More details to follow.

    David, KM6DOV

    Count me in.
    I’m interested in manning the relay station to HMB or perhaps in a DOC.

    Here’s my training and activity record with Santa Clara County, and I’m happy to help anywhere that I can be most effective:

    Date Description
    08/06/16 Net Control – Type III, Part A*
    09/24/16 ICS/SEMS/NIMS Combo Class
    10/11/16 Introduction to Emergency Communications – NIGHT CLASS
    11/08/16 Fundamentals of Emergency Communications – NIGHT CLASS
    01/07/17 Field Operations Type III/II*
    01/21/17 San Jose RACES New Members Orientation – SJ RACES MEMBERS ONLY
    02/04/17 Message Passing – Tabletop*
    04/01/17 Net Control – Type III, Part B*


    Date Description
    02/18/17 ARES/RACES Communications Drill – CITY participation

    Public Service

    Date Description
    07/09/16 Los Altos Art and Wine Festival* (as rover)
    11/27/16 Los Altos Festival of Lights Parade* (as checkpoint)


    Correction: the SET starts at 9am, not 10 (thanks, Pat!).

    Neil, W6VG

    Thanks Jeneen. I would like to participate in the October SET as a ham. I am also available to take a shift at LH DOC or Pescadero if it is activated.

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    I can participate as a ham. La Honda and Pescadero are both possible locations.

    Irma, KM6JVU

    Bob, Laurel, and I would like to participate wherever needed. Bob and I are both CERT trained as well.

    Mary, AF6IE

    We’re expecting a new grandson to arrive around Oct.14 and I’m scheduled to be there the following week (2 hours from here) to help with the 2 year old. I may still be there on the date for the set….or maybe not…so I can’t commit definitely but if available would like to act as a radio operater. Sooooo…put me down as a possible “floater”.


    I have these people signed up for DOC operations for the SET. Doing separate CERT and ham shifts is possible, and also working as a CERT team member and a ham operator at the same time. Please let me know asap so we can work out an accommodating schedule.

    Angelo, N6QAD
    David, KM6DOV
    Mike, KJ6VCP
    Neil, W6VG
    Jim Williams, ?
    Nick, K6NBP

    Gabe, K6YAH (both ham and cert)
    Bob, KM6DKE (ham and/or cert)
    Irma, KM6JVU (ham and/or cert)
    Laurel, KM6JXF (ham and/or cert)
    Mary, AF6IE (mabye, depending on baby)

    Nick, K6NBP

    I am not CERT trained but will be available that weekend. Can help wherever it’s needed.

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