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SET – Saturday, October 22

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    The SET (Simulated Emergency Test) will be on Saturday, October 22 10-12. Preliminary plans are to have the exercise at Skyline Ridge, possibly including the ranger station and fire house and a CERT call out. Potluck debrief to follow.

    I encourage everyone to participate. Please let me know if you plan to be there – that will help us with planning.


    Jack, KK6MLA

    Thanks Jeneen, I’m in

    Mary, AF6IE

    Me 2.

    Bob, W6RES

    Me too. 🙂


    Good luck guys. I really wish I could make it.

    I’ll likely be in Tennessee for the rest of the month (my mom broke her hip for those that didn’t hear – she gets out of the physical rehab place on Sunday).

    Looking forward to seeing the after action report.


    Reminder that we’ll be holding the annual SET on Saturday, October 22, 10 to 12-ish + debrief, at the La Honda Fire House. Note the change in expected venue. Please bring your own lunch for the debrief, and I’ll bring some treats for dessert.

    There will be no CERT exercise. The SET will be a classroom event focusing on all things related to emergency communications, with a demonstration on setting up the DOC radio and how to deal with multiple radios swamping antennas. There will be small exercises if there is time, but we have a lot of topics to cover. This will be a valuable class for all members, but especially important for the newer hams, or anyone who feels like they don’t have the whole emcomms picture. I have invited the HMB folks, who aren’t having their own SET. Please invite any other hams you think might be interested (Las Cumbres?).


    Las Cumbres Hams have been invited.

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    I”ll be there. mike

    Lisa, W6LSC

    I’ll be there! Sorry for the late reply.


    I’ve uploaded the notes I had about DOC operations to the library:

    They don’t have a lot of details, but a couple of people asked for them. Also, Brian Hunt shared a couple of documents that the HMB club uses for call outs. I’ve taken HMB references out to avoid confusion if we ever need to use them. Thanks to Brian for those!

    Also, thanks to Peter & Bob for the equipment demo, and to Pat for talking about form 213!


    Oops…and thanks to Neil for bringing coffee! We couldn’t have a meeting without that 🙂


    And, the EOC Runner Procedure (Form 213) has been uploaded to the library:

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