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Discussion of general interest including club business and events. Please post ARES discussion in the SC4ARES group.

SET — Saturday, October 20


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    Our annual SET is in just 2 days — Sat. Oct. 20.
    This year, we will deploy our magnificent Resource Trailer to Skyline Ridge Preserve, which is on Skyline Blvd, about 2 miles south of Alpine / Page Mill Rd. It’s the same place where we had Field Day. Our objectives for the SET are: (1) Set-up an EOC in the Field; (2) Provide communications for CERT; and for South Skyline ARES (3) Relay GMRS Repeater transmissions from the neighborhoods to the EOC.

    The Comm Plan has been uploaded to the library and can be found at the following link:
    The primary net is CMD31.
    If you would like to participate in the SET, do not self-deploy, rather contact Jeneen.

    As we often do for the SET, we have invited CERT and Large Animal Evac (LAEG) to participate in this year’s SET. Southcoast CERT, South Skyline CERT and LAEG will be activated. Instructions will be given as part of the normal activation process.

    And, we have a special treat. If no real emergencies occur, a Lifeflight Helicopter from Stanford will be landing at the new Landing Zone in Castanea Ridge, which is just about a mile from Skyline Ridge. The helicopter is due to land at 1000 hours. There is very limited parking in Castanea Ridge, so we need to carpool to the site from Skyline Ridge. Cars will be leaving Skyline Ridge 0930 – 0940 hours. There is a short hike uphill from the parking area to the landing zone. Our South Skyline Comm Trailer, owned by Bryan, is located right next to the landing zone. I expect that the helicopter tour will take 40 to 45 minutes.

    The SET / drill will start after the tour, so probably around 1100 hours. Because of the delay in getting started because of the tour, I expect the SET to last until 1330 1400 hours.

    Should be fun!

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