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SET 2020 – The Great Shakeout Saturday 10/10

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    Hi all,
    this coming Saturday at 10amm we will have our annual Simulated Emergency Test (SET). This year we will participate in a greater event involving bot ARES and CERT teams in the entire Coastside District Branches 1-2-3-4.

    Please register to the event at:

    by registering you will get access to a webinar you need to connect to at 10am. The objectives and instructions for branches 3 and 4 can be found in the slides at

    Note you will need to download and print some documentation. First of all the SC4ARES Field Operation Guide – FOG (this has been updated with essential information although it will at some point replaced with a new version by the FOG committee). The guide contains all you need to follow for an activation as well as links to forms and maps. Then all the essential ICS forms you should have in your go-kit. Info about a basic go-kit are also in the FOG.
    All the documentation is contained in a public ARES folder at

    Finally for this event we will use the frequency plan available at

    Hope to see you all. Follow the instructions, remember to state on the radio the words “this is a drill” in your communications and have fun.

    See you Saturday,

    Casey, KA5WAX

    This FOG is amazing. I am duly impressed.

    Sorry can’t participate, we’re having lots of ‘fun’ over in the Canyon, and have a community meetings each of the next few weekends. same w/the previous simplex drill. Months ago I had our BERT crew warmed up for this shakeout but events have interceded.

    Question WRT FOG; in the channel plan I see the abbreviation RES/TAC. I am used to TAC standing for “Tactical” – is RES for “Rescue?”

    WRT channel plans, the community used the plan y’all cooked up for us years ago. ( we’ve extended it a bit.) There was plenty of confusion but it basically worked, and I’ve been programming new radios every few days. And pitching licensing.

    Neil, W6VG

    Thanks for preparing this Angelo. I’ve registered for the webinar (easy) and have downloaded documentation. Looking forward to our simulated emergency. – Neil


    Hi all,
    hope you will all join tomorrow for the SET. I know we went through a lot this year and this might seem too much but let’s take it as something different to do, show your neighbors what we do, and show HMB we kick ass!

    If you haven’t done so please take a look at the documentation posted in my previous email. Let’s make it a fun two hours.
    See you all tomorrow,

    P.S. Neil i love your new pic!

    Eva, KN6CZD

    One question that came up discussing this Drill with some of the new HAMS: are we allowed to drive to the gathering point? In a real Earthquake driving might not be safe or possible. This may impact the kind of field station you will be able to set up.

    Lots of holes discovered reading through the FOG that will need more time to prepare and optimize, but better late than never. Thanks to Mike’s connector primer we were able to make sense of the connectors to get for the go bags.


    Hi Eva,
    for this time let’s assume it is possible to drive to the meeting places.
    We will discuss that scenario another time.
    What if the parking lot is close? Some days it has been……..
    Maybe if that happens when people arrive need to decide for a different meeting place….

    In other words the key thing is adapt and work out a solution.


    Martine, KN6GMK

    Where is the FOG, and where can I read it?
    Thank you!


    Martine, KN6GMK

    Oops, found it!



    Public folder:

    Last document in the list Field Operation Guide


    To everybody. Awesome job!!!! This went really well.

    We’ll have a debrief at the next meeting.

    Hope you had fun.

    Angelo N6QAD

    P.S. We have been sweating here at the DOC


    I’m on the debrief
    Over 600 people participated. Only 14 in 3 / 4
    Most participation – 159 homes (out of 350) in Canada Cove participated


    Yes Bob but you have to consider that in branch 3/4 only ARES participated. CERT was not officially activated and we have not engaged the broader community (with the exception of Skyline and Butano (who obviously couldn’t participate this time)). HMB CERT has worked for long time toward this.
    Not say we should not try to get there.

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