SC4ARC Xmas Party/Potluck – Friday, Dec. 12th

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    Our annual Christmas party is on Friday, Dec. 12, starting at 6:30. The festivities will be at Will’s place at 301 Mindego Hill Rd. (directions below). As usual, we will have a potluck dinner and a white elephant gift exchange.

    There will be a soldering station for anyone wanting to learn or sharpen their soldering skills.

    Potluck: BYOB, and please let me know which category of dish you plan to bring. We need the following:

    – Hors d’oeuvres: Jack McK, Greg, Jeneen, Mike
    – Main dish (veggie or not): Pat (veg), Linda, Will, Mary
    – Side dish (starchy or veggie): Bill, Peggy, yams (not sure from who), Bob
    – Salad: Peggy, Paul
    – Bread: Jeneen, Jack E.
    – Dessert: Lisa, Mary
    – Non-alcoholic drinks: Pat
    — plates & glasses: Jeneen

    White Elephant Gift Exchange: Bring an inexpensive gift for the gift exchange. The goofier the better.

    Directions: Take Pescadero Creek Road to Alpine Road, about a mile from the intersection of 84 and Pescadero Creek Road. Go about 1.5 miles up Alpine Road, and turn left on Mindego Hill Rd. Will’s house is the first house on the left, past the horse enclosures. Bring your radio in case you run into problems finding it.

    Greg, WA6DQP

    Let us know what to bring, Greg WA6DQP, Linda KI6POM


    The party is a little over a week away! If you haven’t signed up for the potluck…please sign up soon.

    Bill, KI6MEG

    Bill’s Beans

    Lisa, W6LSC

    Aughhhh! I can’t believe I let this escape me! Unless someone is bringing a dessert with no flour/grains, I’ll bring one. Also,sign me up for another salad, unless something else is needed.

    Paul, KJ6MPZ

    I will jump in with a salad, but let me know if there is something different that is needed…..

    Bob, W6RES

    We’ll bring a large side dish: baked artichoke hearts.

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    I”ll be bringing a shrimp dip as an appetizer / munchies.

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