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SC4ARC Xmas Party Gift Exchange!

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    Bob, W6RES

    Yes, it’s true: only five short days before the annual Christmas Party!  Time enough for you to find that weird thing you got from that business associate/long-estranged friend/eccentric auntie a few years ago, wrap it up and re-gift it!


    Re-gifting is right up there with reduce, reuse and recycle in the hierarchy of green consciousness, so do the planet a favor, make a little space in your cabinet, drawer or closet and bring that thing in to unleash on some unsuspecting fellow ham!


    If you’re lucky or efficient enough to not have such mysterious delights on hand at your home, then channel your eccentric auntie and  find something that’s both sensibly economical ($5-10 shows a more than adequate amount  of Xmas cheer) and whimsically, uh, well, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”, as it were.  Wrap it, then bring it in for the exchange.


    As always, gift selecting turns will be selected by lot; at your turn, you can either select a present and open it, or just take someone else’s (up to three such re-re-giftings are permitted for each lovely artifact), leaving that lucky individual the joy of getting to select and unwrap another present!  What fun!


    The Christmas Party kicks off at 6:30pm on Friday, December 7th, at Willy’s home.  Be sure you’ve signed up for the potluck at


    Ho ho ho!


    Bob  W6RES

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