SC4ARC Holiday Potluck, Dec. 3

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    Please sign up for one or more of the following for the holiday potluck. I will keep the responses updated on this page so you can check back to see what’s needed. BYOB, and some to share if you like. Also, please bring a chair if you can, since we probably don’t have enough at the firehouse. Party starts at 6pm!

    Hors d’oeuvres:
    Main (meat): Nate
    Main (vegetarian): Angelo
    Side (starchy):
    Side (vegetable): Eva, David
    Salad: Peter
    Bread: Pat
    Dessert: Lisa (GF)
    Non-alcoholic beverages:
    Plates, silverware, cups, napkins:
    Tablecloths: Jeneen

    Nathaniel, KN6LGM

    I can do the meat dish

    Eva, KN6CZD

    Terry and I are planning to attend.

      We will bring a veggie side dish and a bottle of wine
      We have 2 elephants identified.
      We can come help set up.

    Now the hard part: How do we make this LHFB Bay festive???

    Are there people who think this is important and are willing to invest some time and thought?

    I would think the minimum decoration would be:

      Red and/or green paper table cloths to cover the naked raw plastic. Does the club have a budget for such a thing? You can buy those at Diddams for about $5 a piece.
      Maybe some redwood greens to decorate the table. Can be made pretty easily.
      Lighting: The bright fluorescent lighting in the Bay is pretty gross, we went through the same challenge in the LH Guild clubhouse last time pare-pandemic (was that 2019?) and Terry brought his collection of Christmas string lights. We could do this again if there is a way to string these lights in the bay, given the bay is so huge, the colorful string lights could create some intimacy for this event.

    There were boxes and boxes of decoration materials for the last live event. Could some of this be made available?

    If you are interested joining the decorating committee or have some thoughts, let us know.


    So far, the only RSVPs we have are:
    David –
    Nate – meat
    Eva – wine
    Terry – veggie dish
    Pat – rolls / butter

    We REALLY need to know how many people to expect no later than Dec 1. I am hoping that we only need half of the Bay. So, PLEASE let us know SOON.

    Because of the Holiday Faire preparation, there will be no cooking in the kitchen. We can use the microwave for warming things up. Decorations may or may not be ongoing for the Faire, so please keep any SC4ARC decorations to a minimum. Sorry for the restrictions, but a lot is going on this week.

    Thanks for your understanding. Pat


    I can’t make it. Company get together.
    Sorry, Catherine


    Jean and I will be there. I will bring the Main vegetarian dish.
    Of course, we will bring 2 elephants besides me!

    Lisa, W6LSC

    Peter And I will make a big salad and a GF dessert. We can also bring some greenery and I can help clean up if needed.

    Nathaniel, KN6LGM

    I am going to be doing smoked BBQ pork ribs for the meat dish


    Last call for holiday party sign ups, so we can prepare. 9 people have RSVPd, Eva has offered to set up and Lisa has offered to clean up. I’m not comfortable being in a room of maskless people yet, so I won’t be there. I bought table cloths and will drop them off before the event.

    Please RSVP if you haven’t already. We still need someone to run the white elephant exchange, and I’m sure we can use more help setting up and cleaning up.

    David, KM6DOV

    Please put me down for a vegetarian side.

    Jerry, N6QZH

    I would love to participate in our potluck however I will be far away from the coast for most of December this year. Looking forward to returning in January. Sincerely, Jerry N6QZH.

    Martine, KN6GMK

    Argh! Unfortunately, because of previously made plans, I cannot be there…it sounds like a great party!
    Happy Holidays to all!!



    We only have 9 attendees signed up for our Holiday Party this Friday. I do not want to ask Chief Long to pull out trucks in the Bay for this small number of attendees. However, I think we can have a fun and safe party in the meeting room at the firehouse. Masks can be worn when not eating and we can space the tables.

    What do you think? Please let me know if:
    (1) You are okay with being in the meeting room, or
    (2) You think we should cancel the event this year

    I’m hoping we don’t cancel. Please advise ASAP.

    Thanks. Pat

    David, KM6DOV

    I’m prepared to make a vegetable stir fry for the party. I also will likely have a +1 along, so plan for 10? I’ll make sure Karolina comes up with a gift for the white elephant. I’m sure she’ll appreciate participating.

    Eva, KN6CZD

    Hi Pat & all,

    We appreciate and support the desire to avoid the extra work for the fire fighters clearing the bay and, no, we are not advocating canceling the event either. However, the two of us don’t feel quite comfortable having a sit-down dinner in the small meeting room. I believe it is for a reason the club leadership has moved the general membership meetings into the larger, better ventilated space. Really sorry to disappoint, we’ll miss everyone and keep hoping for better days.

    With regrets,

    eva (kn6czd) and terry (kn6czh)

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