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    Greetings, Everyone –


    I met the president of the King’s Mountain radio club last week (Bill Goebner KF6NHT).  He’s interested in working with us to fill in coverage gaps on this side of the hill.  The San Mateo Radio Club uses the King’s Mtn. 2m repeater (N6ZX) for their weekly nets.   If you are willing and able, please try to check in on that net and see if you can hit the repeater.  It’s very near the OES repeater, so I suspect a lot of us can hit it.  Here’s the info:


    Tuesday nights, 7pm

    145.370-107.2 (tx frequency is 145.370, with a minus offset and a pl tone of 107.2)


    As an added bonus, this is a good opportunity to brush up on programming your radios!




    Using my base station antenna I received an S1 signal:  I could barely tell that there was a voice, but couldn’t copy anything.


    And I didn’t hear a scratch (S0).


    But Mary had full quieting.  So if you can, please give it a try and report back your results.  It has some potential for relays, etc.


    Also, just for the record, they’re working on a 6m repeater which is expected to be finished sometime soon.

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    I was able to hear the entire net on 1/28 and checked in fine from my base station with the external antenna, and 50W transmit.

    My ‘S meter’ is a 0-7 range, and barely budged, audio was a CM-3.


    I can key this repeater on 10W, however, not sure what the signal quality is.  I estimate the distance as 11 miles as the crow flies, NNW of us.

    Paul, KJ6MPZ

    I was able to hear the entire net on my base station…. I was only about an S2, it was very scratchy, but I could hear everything.  I was not able to break the repeater with 50 watts, but I could monitor…

    Rags, KK6DNW

    When I program this into my handheld the actual TX is 144.770 (when PTT is pressed). Is this why the programming comment, It requires more specialized setup? Or just in the general sense? I must admit It was certainly true for me, I stared blankly at my radio for several seconds before remembering how to set the pl tone 🙂


    Assuming I have it in correctly, I am unable to trigger the repeater with the handheld from Skylonda. I will try to listen for the net this Tuesday and see what happens.


    That sounds right;  We list the repeater’s transmit frequency (145.370 MHz) and the offset is “-” so the repeater receive is 0.600 MHz below that, which works out to 144.770 MHz. That’s where you’ll need to transmit to get into the repeater. Your radio knows that by custom, that part of the 2m band, the offset is “-” and by custom we use 0.600 MHz offsets in the 2m band, so it did the math for you.


    The PL tone is trickier: On Yaesu radios you have to turn on tone encoding first (ENC or T) before it will accept a PL tone frequency, then if you were in memory mode, after you set the frequency, you’ll want to save everything back to the same memory location. If you don’t and you change the tuning or anything else you will immediately revert to your last used PL settings and lose your changes. It will make sense if you go through the process a few times.


    Some repeaters will also transmit a PL tone (ours do) so you can selectively ignore the distant repeaters that share the same frequencies. To take advantage of this you can select “tone squelch” (ENC DEC or T SQ) so your speaker is off unless it hears the right code. If the repeater doesn’t send a PL code then your speaker won’t open.

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