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Repeater Inspected Today – 1/8/19

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    Peg and I went up to the shack, opened the doors and saw immediately that the floor was damp – there was NO standing water – but clearly, the recent storms were too much for the roof and leakage did occur.
    We went through much of the procedure I have done in the past during monthly checks. The batt recovery time was very good with and without power. The usual rodent poop is present on surfaces, but the batt connectors are clean and dry.
    We then threw a heavy duty tarp over the roof, which came down quite far on all 4 sides. We used nearly a whole roll of duct tape and actually ran tape all the way around the shed, further securing the tarp. The doors are taped closed as a result, but we have several new storms coming in and with the repeater functioning now, I think we just leave it secure like this until a clear day, and then do a proper cleanup and testing. The antennas are pointing in the right directions, beam to the west and vertical straight up. Peggy found some openings in the pvc conduit outside and I taped those as well. THANK YOU Peggy for your help and excellent suggestions today, I could not have done it alone.
    ps Girl Geeks Rock!

    Paul, KJ6MPZ

    Thank you Linda and Peg. It is good to know that you guys are on the job……

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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