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    Mike, KJ6VCP

    Jim Piper, N6MED, RR, and Red Cross volunteer, is organizing a monthly winlink check-in for Red Cross California Gold Country and Calif North Coastal Regions.

    If you are interested, you can contact Jim directly at The details are below.

    Winlink is required, but several of us can help with that part.

    Gentlemen —

    I am in the process of organizing a Winlink monthly check-in for Red Cross California Gold Country and Calif North Coastal Regions. I’ll be using the monthly check-in of CalOES CRU as the model, albeit using flmsg and the Red Cross Custom ICS-213 form attached to a Winlink message.

    The goal is multi-fold:

    Give hams interested in supporting Red Cross disaster communications the opportunity to exercise their skills using Winlink as the messaging client.
    Give these same hams the opportunity to exercise flmsg to populate the Red Cross Custom HTML forms and attach the resulting text object file to a Winlink email message.
    In absence of support by Red Cross national and possibly lack of regional support in the use of radio communications (whether the amateur radio service or FEMA SHARES) to develop some advanced level of cohesive and homogeneous level of disaster communications at a grass-roots level.

    To the end of developing a cadre of radio operators skilled in the disaster communications needs of the Red Cross.

    For flmsg and the Red Cross Custom HTML form (developed >directly< from those found on the Exchange), refer to the “Source Forge” flmsg down load site. The forms together with instructions for installing and using flmsg and the forms to run from a flash drive (gets around the difficulty of installing on a Red Cross disaster laptop).

    If you have interest in joining me, please forward me your names, locations, and call signs. I will be building a simple data base to monitor and manage monthly check ins. If you are already registered as Red Cross volunteers, you might find the Yammer group “RC Hams” of interest where there has been significant and substantial discussion re.

    I am also available virtually anytime to discuss. Reach me at my gmail account, the phone number or my Red Cross email (in my signature below).

    Best regards all.
    — Jim / n6med

    Casey, KA5WAX

    Thanks for the info, Mike. I like this idea, and it gives me an excuse to push the boundary forward a bit.

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