Post-SET 6m test this Saturday @ 10am

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    We’re planning to do a post-SET 6 meter test between the high school in Pescadero, Puente, South Skyline and LHFB (and the Panton’s?) this Saturday (1/26) starting at 10.  Peter, Bryan and I are signed up to run the stations.  We need at least one more 6m operator to work out of Puente.  Please let me know if you are interested in participating.




    We will be using 51.560 MHz, FM, no PL tones, for the test.


    FT-8900 quad-band units will only transmit FM.  Some other radios like the FT-897/857 can also transmit AM or SSB as well as FM.  Please be careful to use the correct mode as reception will be very poor or non-existent if set incorrectly.



    The following stations will be participating in the post-SET 6m test at 10am tomorrow, Jan. 26:


    LHFB – Linda W6LJB

    Puente – Peter KI6FAO

    PHS – Jeneen KJ6NCS

    San G. – Neil W6VG

    Alpine – Bryan KD6UCA & Vicky

    Possibly Woodside – Bob W6RES


    We will be operating on 51.560 MHz, FM, no tones.  The installed tri-band antennas at the

    high school, Puente and the fire house will be used.  Other stations will use the best antenna

    they have, in the best position the can get it up to.  Use 50W if you have it, otherwise, use

    as much power as you can muster.  The point of this test is to establish contact between all

    stations if possible.  Peter’s coverage maps suggest that we should have no trouble doing this,

    so we may be doing some troubleshooting if contacts aren’t made.


    Preliminary results of the 6m test  have been posted to the library.

    If you participated, please look over the chart and see if it’s correct.  I’d especially like to hear from:

    • La Honda Fire
    • MPROSD
    • Pescadero High School
    • Will

    Once I fill in the question marks, I’ll post a final version.  If you were monitoring 6m but did not transmit, I’d like to hear from you, too.  Thank you to all who participated!


    The chart’s been updated, with a slight format change to include “listening only” station reports.  I’d still like to hear from:

    • Linda: La Honda Fire
    • Bryan: MPROSD
    • Will: Lower Alpine

    Also anyone else with observations/corrections.

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