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PG&E shut down tonight

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    Hi all,
    Ari just called me and told me La honda has been included now in the shut down (scheduled around 12am).
    We have been asked to open the DOC for 24hrs starting tonight at 10pm.
    I need volunteers to stuff the DOC for the following shifts (2 people per shift).

    10:00pm – 4:00am
    4:00am – 10:00am
    10:00am – 4:00pm
    4:00pm – 10:00pm

    We will do a roll call on the repeater CMD31 at 3:30pm today to complete stuffing.
    Let me know if you are available.

    Jeneen, W6NCS

    I will take 10pm-4am tonight.


    Casey, KA5WAX

    I can come up from Belmont for the Morning Shift ( 4-10 AM ) if that’s appropriate.

    If someone close is available it’ll add less chance of my adding to the general peril, so if you get a local taker, take `em.

    Thursday I have a county thing at 3pm and another at 7 so I’m not much help. If you had a Thursday 6am to noonish shift I could take that on, as my 3pm meeting is in Pescadero.

    David, KM6DOV

    I think my best shift would be 4-10am.

    Irma, KM6JVU

    I can do Thursday 10am-4pm or 4pm-10pm.

    Will not be available at 3:30 for roll call.

    Eva, KN6CZD

    I am leaving town Thursday morning (return Sunday night late). The only time i could possibly do this would be tonight 10PM-4AM (together with Jeneen), then sleep on the plane…


    David, KM6DOV

    I won’t be in range of the repeater at 3:30. I’ll check in as I get past Alice’s, probably between 4:45 and 5:00pm.


    Hi all,
    thanks for getting back so quickly. We have enough volunteers for 24hrs. Peggy is confirming and I will post shifts here in a few minutes.

    Casey, KA5WAX

    I think we are off the hook – unless we are not. greater minds please advise.

    Public Safety Power Shutoff Notifications for
    (650) 207-4880
    Cancellation Alert: October 23, 2019 2:35 PM
    Weather conditions have improved, power will not need to be turned off at the following address(es):

    Meter # 1009763336
    Service Agreement: 3182170938

    • This reply was modified 8 months, 3 weeks ago by Casey, KA5WAX.

    Not unless Ari de-activates us so far we are still on call.

    David, KM6DOV

    La Honda and parts of Woodside, as well as some unincorporated county are still on the hook. This is, of course, subject to change.

    Peggy, KI6PGA

    Hams and CERTs

    Attached is the schedule for staffing the DOC on the dates and times indicated.

    Name Date Time
    Jeneen Sommers, Eva Knodt 10/23/19 10pm-4am
    Neil Panton, Angelo Dragone 10/24/19 4am-10am
    Jill Smith, Irma Mitton 10/24/19 10am-4pm
    Casey Dunn, David (DOV) 10/25/19 4pm-10am
    Linda Bennett, Peggy Wargo 10/25/19 10am-4pm

    Please let me know if there are any questions. Thank you!!!!

    Jeneen, W6NCS

    Thanks, Peggy. The last 2 should probably be:

    Casey Dunn, David (DOV) 10/25/19 4pm-10pm
    Linda Bennett, Peggy Wargo 10/25/19 10pm-4am

    Peggy, KI6PGA


    Please review and let me know if there are any issues with the individual assignments. I tried to set up as requested as best as I could. This schedule has been revised.

    CERT and Ham Activation Oct 23-25 Staffing

    Name Date Shift
    Jeneen Sommers, Eva Knodt 10/23PM -10/24AM 10pm-4am
    Niel Panton, Casey Dunn 10/24AM 4am-10am

    Jill Smith, Angelo Dragone 10/24AM -10/24PM 10am-4pm
    Irma Mitton, David (DOV) 10/24PM 4pm-10pm

    Linda Bennett, Peggy Wargo 10/25PM-10/26AM 10pm-4am

    Jeneen, W6NCS

    Since the DOC opens at 10 pm, we will not be conducting a net. Please have your radios on just in case something comes up, and limit transmissions to only priority or emergency traffic during the night so we don’t wake people up. That includes letting people know that your electricity is off – which we would normally be interested in but not interested enough to be woken out of a good sleep – and no kerchunking.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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