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Discussion of general interest including club business and events. Please post ARES discussion in the SC4ARES group.

Official call out for power outage

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    Jeneen, W6NCS

    SC4ARES is officially being called out for the anticipated power outage, starting tomorrow at noon. I have the following schedule of 2 operators on 6-hour shifts for 24 hours:

    W 12-6pm Jeneen, Laurie, Eva (observing/scribing)
    W 6-midnight Mary, Neil
    Th midnight-6am Angelo, David (DOV)
    Th 6-noon Linda, Craig

    The power outage could be extended, and we will be without internet. So please have your radios on and your go kits ready to deploy if needed, and be prepared to staff the DOC for a 6-hour shift on Thursday and beyond if needed. I will start a net at 8 am tomorrow morning to see who is available.


    I’m available, and will be monitoring on the radio.

    Jeneen, W6NCS

    The ICS-205 (comm plan) for the call out has been uploaded to the library:

    Nothing unusual about it: we’ll be on the 2m repeater for net control, with CTL95 as the backup.


    On the Tuesday night County Sheriff’s net, they announced that they would be monitoring the OES repeaters, including CTL93 and CTL95. They did not mention any specific plans to open a net.

    Casey, KA5WAX

    All I have to add is at this morning’s San Mateo Firesafe Council the PG&E rep said that they and OES will be doing a status call-in about every 3 hours. At that point OES is supposed to relay the status to stake-holders & constituents. PG&E said the restoration process is Trunk-Branch-Leaf so folks at the ends of lines will be the last to be restored.

    I’m in Belmont, thinking it’s not appropriate to ‘add to the worry-load’ by trucking over to La Honda for a shift. ( I don’t want to be that guy. ) Current plans are that Friday I will be coming through, and can bring things to the DOC if needed. I have a meeting Saturday morning in Pescadero.

    David, KM6DOV

    I just got a text from OES saying the outage will be 8pm tonight to noon tomorrow


    Spot forecast Ari received from the NWS

    FNUS76 KMTR 091253

    Spot Forecast for PG&E PSPS 10/9/2019…La Honda Fire Brigade
    National Weather Service San Francisco Bay Area
    553 AM PDT Wed Oct 9 2019

    Forecast is based on forecast start time of 0600 PDT on October 09.
    If conditions become unrepresentative…contact the National Weather


    .DISCUSSION…Dry northerly winds are starting to develop in the
    hills and will gradually increase by later this afternoon as
    humidity values begin to plummet. By 5 pm as the Red Flag Warning
    officially starts another burst of strong northeast winds will
    develop and last through the early morning hours of Thursday when
    gusts to around 40 mph are likely. The strongest winds will end
    shortly after sunrise Thursday but then very dry humidity and
    continued light offshore winds last at least through Friday and
    likely into Saturday.


    Max temperature…..66-71.
    Min humidity……..Lowering 25-31 percent by afternoon.
    Surface winds (mph).North/Northeast 4-8 mph increasing
    6-12 mph late day gusts 15-20 mph.
    Chance of pcpn……0 percent.
    SUNSET…………..6:41 PM PDT


    Min temperature…..45-50.
    Max humidity……..22-32 percent.
    Surface winds (mph).Northeast winds 7 to 15 mph. Gusts up to 40 mph
    Chance of pcpn……0 percent.
    SUNRISE………….7:13 AM PDT


    Max temperature…..70-75.
    Min humidity……..12-19 percent.
    Surface winds (mph).Northeast winds 6 to 11 mph. Gusts up to 30 mph
    in the morning.
    Chance of pcpn……0 percent.
    SUNSET…………..6:39 PM PDT

    Requested by…Ari Delay
    Type of request…OTHER
    .TAG 1916968.0/MTR
    .DELDT 10/09/19
    .FormatterVersion 1.0.26


    Power down at 11:15pm at my place.

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