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Discussion of general interest including club business and events. Please post ARES discussion in the SC4ARES group.

Oct. 19 SET sign ups

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    Jeneen, W6NCS

    The Simulated Emergency Test is coming up, Oct. 19. We will be setting up comms at the La Honda fire house and we will be divided into 2 groups – one doing basic set up and net control with Jeneen, and one doing digital with Angelo. We’d like to know who is planning to participate, and which group you will be working with, so please respond with a yes or no.

    Participating in the SET fulfills the ANNUAL ARES requirement for participating in an exercise, and this is the last exercise planned for 2019…so don’t miss out!

    Also, note that at the meeting Saturday we agreed to hold the 2020 SET one week early to avoid schedule conflicts with the Pumpkin Festival (so more groups will participate) and Pacificon.

    Neil, W6VG

    Yes, digital! – W6VG


    Yes – I’m in. Do we have a time window? I’m trying to squeeze in Pacificon as well.

    Eva, KN6CZD

    I am in, for basic/analog net operations. Will we be activated via a radio call? or have a time in advance to go to the fire house?

    eva, KN6CZD

    Mary, AF6IE

    I will participate: basic set-up.
    Mary Panton af6ie

    David, KM6DOV

    I can participate with forms traffic or net control as needed, but I also want to get out to Pacificon so I’m going to scoot off as soon as the SET is done.

    Irma, KM6JVU

    I will participate on the digital side.



    Yes. I’d prefer to work digital, but fine either way

    David, KM6DOV

    Can someone with admin privileges please put the SET on the calendar?

    Jeneen, W6NCS


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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