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New Winlink Gateway Available

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    W6SCF-8 is operational on 145.630 MHz (same as W6SCF-10)

    This temporary, Winlink gateway is connected to a 20 kWh battery bank and generator backup. Internet connection is via satellite eliminating outages caused by downed wires.

    Coverage of the W6SCF-8 gateway should roughly correspond to the primary area of the 2m, voice repeater, but test before you plan to deploy.


    Mike, KJ6VCP

    W6SCF-8 is working for me from the home station, so I have access to both nodes.

    Thanks for setting this up.


    For our newer Winlink users: You can connect directly in the packet Winlink session window by selecting “Connection direct:” to “W6SCF-8” or “W6SCF-10” whichever works for you.

    If you are in the Cuesta La Honda area and can’t reach those gateways directly: In the packet Winlink session window you may select “Connection type: Digipeater” “W6SCF-8” or “W6SCF-10” via “KJ6VCP-8”


    W6SCF-8 has been shutdown for now.


    Mike, KJ6VCP

    I will be shutting down the KJ6VCP-8 digipeater later today.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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