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    We have 3 new licensees in our area from the October 9 exams. You may soon hear:

    Brian, KN6RAU
    Mary, KN6RAT
    Kornel, KN6RAW

    Please welcome them as they join our Ham community.


    Welcome Aboard, and congrats to the new hams!

    And thank you Peter and the VEs for the class and exams.


    Last night’s exam resulted in 2 more new licensees in our area:

    Janmeja, KN6RCM
    Maurissa, KN6RCL

    Janmeja joins us with a new, General class ticket. We hope to hear them on the air, soon.

    David, KM6DOV

    That was quick!


    As a result of last night’s exam we have the following new hams in the La Honda/Loma Mar/Middleton areas today:

    Ewa, KN6RDO
    Don, KN6RDP
    Ash, KN6RDR
    Paul, KN6RDS
    Yvette, KN6RDT
    Barbara, KN6RDV
    Joanne, KN6RDW
    Sharon, KN6RDX
    Brent, KN6RDZ
    Alexey, KN6REA
    Nadezhda, KN6REB

    I look forward to hearing them all on the air, soon.

    This drive-in session was our largest group administered yet. My thanks go out to all of our students for their patience and to our volunteer examiners: David, KM6DOV and Neil, W6VG who helped me administer 25 tests in 2 hours and soldiered on well after it got cold and started to rain.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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