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Membership Dues for 2016 – Vote at General Meeting Nov. 21

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    This year, the Board is offering the membership a choice in the dues for next year: do we keep the dues at $25 or do we increase it to $35? We will have a discussion and vote at the General Meeting on November 21. Your vote is important, so if you cannot make the meeting, a ballot and proxy has been uploaded to the library at the following link:

    The reason the Board is considering an increase in dues is twofold:

    (1) Most of our club’s cash on hand is restricted to the Repeater Fund or to Nora’s Fund. We had an issue this year when we needed to prepay the vest order of $634. We were unable to make that payment from the general fund because we only had about $450 of unallocated funds available. Peggy needed to make up the difference with her personal funds and when the membership made their payments, she was able to reimburse herself. This in not an ideal financial situation.

    (2) We have had requests from various club members to purchase more “general” equipment, such as chairs, tables and collateral for handouts at events, etc. Currently, there are very little, to no, funds to purchase these kinds of things.

    If we want to have a little more freedom to act on purchasing equipment for the use of the club, we should consider increasing the dues to $35 per year so that we have a bit of a buffer for doing so. If we keep the dues at $25, we may need to ask members to provide incremental funds as required prior to equipment and supplies being purchased.

    Remember that if a member is unable to pay their dues, we have Nora’s Fund to supplement. The member just needs to make a request to the Board for consideration.

    Please plan on coming to the General Meeting for further discussion and for the vote on this and the election of the Board of Directors for 2016. The meeting is on Sat., Nov 21, at 10:00 a.m. at the La Honda Fire Station. And, again, if you cannot make the meeting, please send in your proxy vote.

    Thanks. Pat

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