La Honda Fair Outreach Volunteers!


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    Bob, W6RES

    Well, it’s snuck right up on us… the annual La Honda Fair is next weekend, and we’re going to be out there waving the flag for Ham Radio on the Coastside!


    Many hands make for good outreach, so we’re still looking for folks to come by and share the joy, especially on Sunday… right now, it’s Jeneen, Jimme and I on deck; we could use some more folks there!


    Saturday’s looking pretty good, with Peter, Greg, Lisa and Jimme in the house, but again, more is better!


    Now that we’re closer to the date, please take a look at your calendar and see if you can spare some time to come down and talk to our neighbors!



    Wendy, WZ6KAT

    Count me in! When do you need me on Sunday? I am taking the Extra exam on Saturday so I won’t be available in the morning. Do I need to bring anything?

    Bob, W6RES

    Whatever’s useful for keeping warm and/or cool.  Maybe a personal water bottle?  Everything one could possibly want is right there at the La Honda Store.  😉


    We’ll figure out schedules and such later this week.  Thanks Wendy!  Anybody else free on Sunday?




    I signed up for Saturday, but just realized that’s also the DeAnza Electronic Flea Market, and I haven’t been at all this year!  😯 And only a couple of times last year!!!  😯   😯   😯


    I’d gladly take Sunday and/or Saturday afternoon, if it can be arranged.  I’ll probably be at the faire both days, anyway, but I’m Jonesin’ for some of that electronic treasure and maybe a donut.

    Trudy, KI6MFR


    I can be in the booth on Sunday morning.  What time slot is that?


    Bob, W6RES

    Hi, All!


    So here’s what I take from our conversation thus far:


    On Saturday, we have Greg, Lisa and Jimme signed up.  Sunday, we have Peter, Jimme, Jeneen, Trudy (AM) and Wendy.  I’ll be filling in here and there…


    How’s this as a draft of our schedule?  Please give me feedback on whether this works for you:



    9a                          Setup                      Bob

    10a-1:30p            1st Shift                  Greg & Bob

    1:30p-5p              2nd Shift                 Lisa & Jimme

    5p                          Takedown              Bob



    9a                           Setup                      Bob

    10a-1:30p             1st Shift                  Trudy & Wendy

    1:30p-5p               2nd Shift                 Peter & Jeneen

    5p                           Takedown              Bob


    Thoughts?  Protests?  Reconsiderations?  Let me know how this works for you!


    Thanks so much for making yourself available to meet and greet the community!



    Jimme, KK6DNZ

    Hi Bob,


    We had a water issue today that has not been resolved yet.

    I might be running a little late, have ham stand by.

    Please give me a call and I’ll give you an update.


    Cheers Jimme

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