Knobology/HF Elmer Session

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    Bob, W6RES

    Hi, all!

    “Okay, I’ve got an HF-capable radio. Now what?”

    “What does that knob do?”

    “What’s all this digital modes stuff I keep hearing about? Can I do that?”

    If you’ve found yourself asking or answering any questions like these, then we’ve got an event for you. On March 7th, we’ll be gathering at Neil and Mary’s back porch for a radio tech exploration session. Some of our most experienced radio experts will be on hand to help us find answers to the issues that are on our minds these days. Rather than a lecture session, we plan to gather the gang, figure out what different areas we want to probe, then pursue some of those issues in small groups. The goal is to make everyone’s time there valuable and rewarding, and to prepare us for our next steps in the exploration of communications.
    Let’s plan to gather at 10am; I’ll solicit inputs for a potluck lunch next week (’cause technology exploration is better with things to munch on along the way). 😉

    Please reply to this message if you plan to attend!



    Yes, I will be there. Thanks. Pat

    Jack, KK6MLA

    I will be there, and I counted 7 to attend on the net tonight including myself and our hostess and host Mary and Neil.
    I didn’t weigh in on topics I am interested in because I am still new to hosting the net but here are a few things I would appreciate knowing more about.
    Mike gain adjusting, what is it and how to test it?
    Antenna size for the different frequencies? Basic tuning?
    Checking signal strength both out going and incoming.
    And of course safety.
    Thanks so much

    Mary, AF6IE

    I will be there as a student. Not very good with knobs.


    I’ll be there, too.


    Rags and I have actually been looking into getting a HF base station so this is very timely.

    We’d like to join.

    Need to know what to bring though (food/drinks/etc).


    And, could we have directions please. Thanks. Pat

    Bob, W6RES

    Wow! Sounds like it’s gonna be a fun session!

    Give some thought to what you might want to bring to go along with pizza from the La Honda Country Store… drinks, munchies, desserts? Bring something to share!

    For directions, take a look under the Events tab above: the Knobology event in the calendar for Saturday has a map with the address on it. Neil’s guidance last night (if you’re heading towards the beach, turn off at the Optimist Camp sign) is right on.

    Neil, W6VG

    Further help on the directions: we’re 3.5 miles west of La Honda, a couple driveways past Driscoll Event Center. From the coast, we’re 5.350 miles inland (remember how nicely mile markers work on 84 for addresses?). Weather looks nice so we’ll be outdoors. Looking forward to a great day! Thanks all!!

    Neil, W6VG

    Forgot to mention, please try to park at the top somewhere. There are a lot of wood chips there now, so it’s a bit tricky, but our driveway gets blocked easily if you park there. Let’s leave the drive open for Jack or others that should park close. And take some wood chips when you go!!!

    Rags, KK6DNW

    Jennie started feeling ill yesterday and is still ill this morning, sadly we’re going to miss it. Hope you guys have fun and enjoy the great eats!

    Mary, AF6IE

    We did miss you, Rags and Jennie.

    How great it is to have such knowledgable Elmers! Jack, Will, Greg and Peter were all there to let us in on the secrets of those mysterious buttons and dials. Peter will be holding another hands-on session sometime in the coming months, so if you missed this one, there is still hope.

    Thanks to all who came and especially to Bob who organized the event. And very welcomed was our visitor from the North, Jim Holley. Hope we will be seeing more of Jim at future events. Don’t miss the next one, ya’ all!


    I so wish we could have made it. But the plague is going around at work and I was concerned I have caught it. Which sucks b/c I’m flying home to visit mom on Monday. 🙁

    Either way it wasn’t worth risking you guys.

    Glad it was awesome, sorry again for the short notice. I slept until almost 1pm today. 🙁

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