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International Marconi Day + Antenna Day

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    Hi all,
    turns out that our Antenna Day Saturday April 27th 9:30am in the field by the Fire House falls exactly on the International Marconi Day celebrating the birth of Guglielmo Marconi. There is a contest associated to it. A number of registered stations will transmit from historic sites related to Marconi’s history. If we contact 15 stations we get an award.
    Turns out also that we will mount Mike’s CR80-40-20 dipole at a perfect angle to reach these stations. We will have a radio there and computers so I say we go for the contest. I am going to upload a slide with more info in the library. Check for IMD.pdf.

    And now a little story about Marconi:
    Marconi was a real Amateur, at the beginning he pretty much did not know what he was doing. At the time he came out with the idea of transmitting signals long distance he was a student in physics at the University of Bologna. He told his idea to his professor Augusto Righi who together with Hertz proved experimentally the existence of electromagnetic waves theorized by Maxwell. Righi new very well electromagnetic propagation and dismissed Marconi questioning if Marconi knew that waves propagate along straight lines and that the earth is round. Now I doubt Marconi was a flat-earther, but since he had some means (his Irish mother was a daughter of Jameson… that’s right whisky) decided that he wanted to try anyway. So he did and it worked! You cannot imagine the face of Augusto Righi. How was it possible? Righi was right but Marconi succeeded. Turns out that at that time nobody knew that the ionosphere would bounce signals back and that’s how that effect was discovered. Moral of the story sometimes ignorance pays and trying is important. Marconi never got a degree in physics but won the Nobel Prize in Physics for inventing wireless telegraphy. It doesn’t always work that way…..



    Who wants to operate CW on Marconi day?

    Jeneen, W6NCS

    Thanks for the info, Angelo! Sorry to miss the event.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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