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Discussion of general interest including club business and events. Please post ARES discussion in the SC4ARES group.

How to sign up fpr the La Honda Message Board

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    Eva, KN6CZD

    The La Honda Message board has been an excellent resource for sharing local information, critical and non-critical, coping tips, and also some needed comic relief. Here is how to join as described on the site’s home page:

    “Welcome to the La Honda e-mail digest. This is a virtual gathering space for La Honda residents, current and former. Open to all manner of opining, announcements, comradery, and questions about getting through the day in the redwoods.

    If you have neighbors who want to join the group, have them visit!forum/lahondadigest and click on the “Join Group” button.

    Neil, W6VG

    Thanks for responding to this so quickly Eva! This came up on our net Thursday night, as quite a bit of community information is shared on this message board including road conditions. Specifically we discussed Angelo’s post with a link to the new County Shelter -in-Place orders extending to May 3rd, and Skywood Trading Post’s offer of parking lot pick-up of groceries and deli orders.

    Casey, KA5WAX

    Thanks for that link – I will humbly apply

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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