How to post a message to the “general Forum”.

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    Mary, AF6IE

    For those who are wondering how to send a message to the entire membership, the best way is to post it to the General Forum. By posting to the forum, the replies to your post remain grouped under your post, making it easy to have a “conversation” on a topic. Moreover, you can search for your topic (see below), and see your post and all the responses.

    Sign in
    At the bottom of the home page on the left, click under “Groups” on “General”;
    At the top of the General page in the grey bar, click on “Forum”;
    In the box above the gray bar, click on “New Topic”;
    At the bottom of the page you will then see the empty boxes to enter your post.
    Your post will be searchable based on the “Tags” you enter and will also appear on the forum page with other posts in chronological order.

    To search for a post, go to the top of any page and use the pull down menu on the right of the green header bar next to the “Search” button. Choose Forum and take a guess at one to the topics “tags”. You can also just scroll through the topics on the forum page.

    Check your Preferences to make sure you will receive a copy of your own post if you like, and indicate how you would like to receive your emails.


    To get straight to the forum you may also click the “General” tab along the top or the “General” link in the “Directory” box on the right hand side of each page. You need to be logged in to see the text entry box.

    The default preferences when you sign up are to receive all email. If you find a particular topic not interesting you can go to the topic and click the “Mute” button to stop receiving updates on that topic, without changing your over-all preference. Likewise you may click that button again to “Follow” a favorite topic if you generally don’t receive emails or if you receive only a daily or weekly digest. It’s a good idea to receive all emails from the SC4ARES discussion group if you are a member. It’s low traffic, but that’s how important announcements are sent out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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