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Holiday Party – Friday, Dec. 8 @ 6pm

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    The holiday party will be at Will’s on Friday, Dec. 8th at 6pm. Many thanks to Will and Adda for hosting again this year! If you need directions, let me know. Please RSVP so we know how many people to prepare for, and please bring:

    1. Drinks (wine or nonalcoholic) to share.
    2. A white elephant gift, $10-ish.
    3. A potluck dish to share. Let me know what you plan to bring and I’ll keep this post updated with what’s on the menu:

    Hors ‘D’Oeuvres – Peter (stuffed mushrooms), Adda
    Main Dish – Angelo (lasagna), Linda (smoked turkey), The Mittons
    Main Vegetarian Dish – Jeneen (root veg. tart)
    Vegetable Side Dish – Adda, David M., Jeneen (gnudi), Peggy (yams)
    Starchy Side Dish – Bill (beans)
    Salad – Angelo, Jim
    Bread – Pat
    Dessert – Adda (cookies), Angelo (truffles), Lisa (flourless), Trudy (pie), Jim, Jerry (fudge), Peggy (fudge)

    Mary, AF6IE

    Mary and Neil will bring a starchy sqaush cassarole and a chocolaty dessert. .

    Mary, AF6IE

    For new people: Buying something is a Lazy-Lout’s escape; surely you have something in the closet that just doesn’t fit with your retro-chic-techno-savey-postmodern lifestyle that you KNOW a fellow club member will be thrilled to have. Don’t be afraid to scrape away the years to that find at the very bottom of the closet. We can hardly wait for the result!

    Lisa, W6LSC

    Lisa and Peter will attend. We’re bringing hors d’oeuvres (stuffed mushrooms), and a flourless dessert.

    Bill, KI6MEG

    Trudy and Bill with pie and beans.


    Angelo and Jean will be there.
    We will bring a Lasgna, a salad and truffles for dessert.


    Angelo and Jean will be there.
    We will bring a Lasgna, a salad and truffles for dessert.


    I will bring bread / rolls.

    Jim, K6TPS

    Judy and Jim- Wine, salad and a yet to be determined dessert.


    The party is less than a week from now (!). If you haven’t already signed up for a dish to bring, please do, and let me know how many people are coming so we can set up enough tables and chairs, and remember to bring a white elephant gift for each person in your party so everyone can play (and have a white elephant to take home :).

    Gabe, K6YAH

    I won’t know until the day of if I can commit to coming. If I can, I’ll bring an assortment of chocolates (I love chocolate). If I can’t, hopefully nobody will miss them too much.


    Irma, Laurel and myself will be there Friday. We will bring an entree.

    Peggy, KI6PGA

    Tom and I will bring yams and (more) fudge

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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