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Hidden Morse Code

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    Mars Science Laboratory is scheduled to touch down at 22:31 PDT tonight.  The rover is roughly the size of a Mini Cooper and its wheels have a distinctive tread that will leave a marks in the soft, martian soil.  The repeating pattern will help those analyzing photos to judge distances.  Below, you can see the cut-outs that NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory manufactured into the wheels.

    You may notice that the pattern is slightly irregular.  As the wheels roll along they leave a pattern

     . - - -   . - - .   . - . .

    over and over on the martian soil.  That’s “J” “P” and “L” if you know your Morse code…


    Cool topic!  I saw some morse code jewelry at a spa once, with silver bars

    and beads.  They spelled out things like ‘peace’  and ‘joy’…spa type stuff.

    If you google ‘morse code jewelry’ you can find people who will custom

    make necklaces for you that say things like ‘mother in law from hell’.   Maybe

    we should start a business…





    Does JPL make tires? I thought they made speakers…

    Art, W6VV

    JBL makes speakers, or at least that’s one of the brand names used by Harman International Industries Incorporated.  As for who actually manufactures them these days–maybe little green people on Mars.


    OK. I give up. What does NASA’s JPL stand for? and is it politically correct for Martian viewing?


    Jet Propulsion Lab, but maybe they should change it to Juliette Papa Lima.


    I can’t beilieve they pulled that crazy landing off!

    Art, W6VV

    It was all staged on a back lot in Hollywood.  Who really killed JFK?


    Jet Propulision Lab? BORING. How about “Just Plain Lucky!” Absolutely amazing. And I DO appreciate the geekification of the tread marks/morse code.


    Each letter on the tread is 4 marks.  Linda;  You should have petitioned them for

    . - . .   . - - -   - . . .



    Most Def! and I SO appreciate the gesture!


    OK. I’ve got it – Jammin Planet Lorry.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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