Found this: Alameda: 35 ft. Tower and HF Tri-Band Beam. $200/take it down.

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    Rags found this and thought someone here might be interested:


    The Antenna is a KLM Tri-bander, ten, fifteen and twenty meters.

    Tower: 35-foot crank up. Antenna sits in a carriage hoisted up and down with cable. Includes rotor No radiation due to and control box.
    Rohn 45. (?) each section fits into the other, and secures with bolts.
    Includes a “Gin Pull” (long pole with a pulley) and a new bottom section so it can be easily re-mounted.



    I have no idea what any of that means, but I know some of you do. 🙂



    Also, Rags can’t figure out how to create an account on here and honestly I don’t remember how I did. Was there some voodoo involved?

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