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    Mike, KJ6VCP

    Field day setup will start Friday at 11AM, with a goal of finishing up by 4 PM, no later than 5PM.

    Logistics wise, it will likely be hot – bring water, sunscreen, hats, etc. Also bring lunch – potluck is Saturday, not Friday:-) . Skywood or Alices is an option, but it’s a pretty long drive. We have shade tents, but you can never escape the heat. The surface is gravel or brush, so wear appropriate shoes. Bring work gloves and a hard hat if you have one. Hard Hat REQUIRED for tower work.

    Bring your HT wth charged batteries – it’s a big site, and we will need radios to save walking. We will be using CMD31 (W6SCF repeater) for overall logistics, and VTAC31 (146.565/114.8 simplex) for site communication.

    Here’s the draft setup schedule:

    9 AM-ish Resource Trailer drop off (Paul, no help needed.)

    11 AM: Set up shade tents, do initial measuring for locating major items and power cords, unload initial items from resource trailer.

    11:30 AM Start setup of Radio and Food Tents (Craig) , Generators and Power (Nick) , Spiderbeam (Angelo), North OCF w/mast (Jim), Cushcraft on tower trailer (?) , Dipole on tower trailer (Mike), GOTA Booth (Peter) , Hustler Antenna (Peter/Neil).

    1 PM: Raise spider beam (team effort) , then figure out how / where southern OCF will attach to (mast or tree?) Might want to eat lunch while we figure this bit out.

    1:30 PM: Raise tower (team training and effort) , finish southern OCF and tower antennas , set up antenna switch at tower, run coax to radios. Set up tables and chairs in tents, start laying out operating stations with paper, pencils, etc.

    2:30 PM: check wiring, test power, safety tape around antennas, general safety checks, etc.

    3:00 PM: Radio setup, SWR testing, and Radio testing.

    4:00 PM play with radios, cleanup trash, lockup / secure site.

    Gates are locked at dusk, but we have an option to practice with radios after setup is complete.

    If anyone can camp out or overnight friday night – let me or Pat know. We really need some presence there, and I can’t stay.

    Adda, KU1NNA

    Will and I can stay Friday night

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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