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Field Day Radio Setup


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    Saturday morning, June 23rd,  we will set up radios at the La Honda Gardens in preparation for Field Day.  If you are interested in different radios and operating off grid power, please discuss or sign up on this thread.

    So far, we have:

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    Mike, KJ6VCP

    Will try to make it, might be out of town, and will confirm when I know.




    Headphone amplifier and distribution boxI’m getting a pair of headphone distribution amplifiers for the main radio tent.  Each box has 4 independent (stereo!) outputs with their own volume controls, so the radio operator and logger can set their own levels, and any guest can plug in to hear what’s happening without running the speakers (and noise levels) up.

    After last year’s Field Day, we talked about the desirability of these, but working the communications station at the Sequoia Century bike ride reminded me just how much I’d like to use headphones when there’s lots of crowd noise.  One of these little gems is going into my extended go-kit with pairs of headphones and adapter cables for our mobile radio.

    Greg, WA6DQP

    I will bring headphones and equipment for one station including radio, coax, antenna, head phones.


    Linda, Will and I have FT 897s, so I will bring just the 897.


    If we do not use my equipment that is ok, it is always good to have a spare.






    I posted this in the Field Day Antenna Raising thread.  We will set the radios up on Saturday morning, starting at 10:00.  One of the radios will be a Kenwood TS-940s (the filters are desirable for CW operation) and a second will likely be a Yaesu FT-897, with another FT-897 in the GOTA tent.  The schedule for the the weekend, starting Saturday should go:

    10:00  Setup radios and power distribution.

    12:00  Start operating.  One of the radios will be connected to a solar panel, giving us…

    12:00-12:20  “Natural” powered contacts.  We have to complete 5 QSOs to claim the 100 pt bonus.  Come and see how simple solar powered operation can be.

    14:00-15:00  Soldering class.  We have a dozen “Blinkie Badge” kits that make a great first soldering project, and several soldering stations.  If you’ve never soldered before;  Come and learn how.

    16:00-17:00   PowerPole clinic.  PowerPole connectors are pretty much the standard, now, in ARES work, and with good reason:  They offer a low resistance connection that can handle more than 45 Amperes in a standardized connector format.  If you haven’t put PowerPole connectors on your gear, bring it to Field Day and install them with our crimping tools.  We’ll also have wire on hand to make up extension cables, and examples of adapters that you can make or buy to expand your radio’s capabilites.

    18:00 Pot luck dinner.

    18:30-19:00  Digital radio text demonstration.  K6KPH will transmit the Field Day bulletin in several digital, text modes.  Your radio with a simple adapter and a laptop computer may be used to send and receive text.  This narrowband mode is nearly as efficient as CW.


    12:00  Wrap it up.  We’ll have operated for 24 hours continuous.  Pack everything up and head home.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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