Field Day June 25 and June 26, 2022


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    Looks like we can have an in-person Field Day this year! That is, IF we can get the leadership and volunteers in place. I know this seems like a long ways away, but it takes a fair amount of planning to conduct an in-person field day.

    The permit has been secured for our location: Sears Ranch Open Space Preserve in La Honda. This is where we had it last time and it’s a marvelous location.
    The event starts at 1100 hours on Saturday, June 25 and ends at 1100 hours on Sunday, June 26. Set up happens the day before — Friday afternoon, June 24.

    We need an Incident Commander (IC). This person has overall responsibility for the event.
    We need an Operations Chief: This person is responsible for the tactical operations at the event, develops the operation portion of the IAP (Incident Action Plan) and supervises the execution of that Plan.
    We need a Planning Chief: This person supervises the preparation of the overall IAP, collects and manages all event-relevant operational data.

    We need lots of volunteers to assist the Operations Chief with putting up tents, raising antennas, setting up the radios, etc. Most of this happens on Friday afternoon — June 24. When the event ends on Sunday, we again need lots of volunteers to tear things down.

    And, of course, we need you to come participate in the event and make lots of contacts! If you prefer, you can still participate from home and your points will count towards the club total.

    The IC and Chief roles have been made easier by the excellent documentation that has been done by Angelo and his team in the last couple of Field Day events. Everything is already documented. We need to verify and copy. I will upload the 2020 IAP and Field Day Packet to the library. The event was canceled in 2020, but the planning work was completed.

    Please let me know ASAP if you would like to be IC, Operations Chief, Planning Chief or one of the volunteers.

    Thanks. Pat

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