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Discussion of general interest including club business and events. Please post ARES discussion in the SC4ARES group.

Field Day IAP and Operating Guide

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    Casey, KA5WAX

    ( back it it again. still in belmont still in meetings! )

    ok at Eva’s suggestion I did scan through the rest of the operating guide, what a work!

    found the operations schedule. thanks.

    Bob, how about I / we pop in around Sat 11:30. That allows some time and then I can scoot back into the canyon for the zoomer.
    Neil, after 5 saturday sounds good for me. I will probably not bike over tho.

    I can run my dorky base station in Canyon off UPSs, so I can try to hit the other simplex periods

    Casey, KA5WAX

    Angelo, Mary, Mike, and Neil –

    Thanks for all the help during this afternoon’s RigPi / VOIP / Wireguard shake down.
    it was very encouraging.

    Neil, W6VG

    Casey, after 5 on Sat is good! See you – Neil


    Couldn’t have Darth Vader on the air for Field Day – we had to do something 🙂


    I uploaded ARRL Radiogram forms to the library for anyone that wants to send messages.

    Radiogram 2011 is the plain paper version.

    fillable_radiogram_form is a pdf form version.


    Good morning everybody,
    if you haven’t done so please update the point calculator with your QSOs so that we can have an idea of the club score.

    Link for the point calculator is


    Eva, KN6CZD

    We need to transcribe and cross-validate our scribbly notes, we made roughly a dozen contacts each day as class 1C mobile. We will send you an electronic spreadsheet. Assuming one point for each contact (yes?), how many bonus points for listening to the demos? what bonus point can we collect as class IC (why is the bus not emergency power?)

    When is the deadline for submitting the cleaned up sheets and points?

    We don’t have time today.

    Thanks all for a terrific learning experience and fun event!


    David, KM6DOV

    I’m pretty sure the bus counts as “alternate power”, if not “hippie power”.

    Joseph, K9JOE

    Note from a friend. Anyone copy him?

    “As some of you know, I went on a Field Day operation on top of an almost 8,000 peak near Donner Summit with W6JTH (the same person who appeared with me on the QST cover in the 1970’s operating from the top of Mt. Whitney). We carried 40 pound packs mostly up a cross-country bushwhack to the top with great views of Castle Peak and mountains of the Desolation Wilderness. Operated CW and a digital transmission mode that is 30 dB more sensitive than SSB and can send error free transmissions that you can’t hear with your ear. Transmission power of 5 watts. The picture below shows the border collie providing operating advice.
    There are worldwide volunteer monitoring stations for this digital mode that send reports to a public database. Our 7 MHz transmissions were heard 13,000 km away in Tasmania and I worked one station in New Zealand. Our 3.5 MHz transmissions were only copied in the western US.”


    Proof I’m not the only crazy one 🙂
    Not seeing W6JTH in my logs…



    Good morning everyone,
    the deadline for submitting scores to ARRL is in a month July 28th. So we have some time. It is important that when we submit scores, we indicate the name of the club in a consistent way. Club points will be aggregated by computer, slightly different names will result in different club entries. The club name needs to written as SC4ARC all capital letters.

    I will prepare another cheat sheet to submit scores, so that stations who want to try by themselves and haven’t done before can have a guide. Stations who instead would like me to submit scores for them need only to send me their log files (a scan or the ADIF file), and the list of points they want to claim, with supporting documentation.

    I will prepare folders for each stations and send out links so that we can create a repository of logs, documentation, and photographs.

    It has been different but hopefully everyone had fun! I also hope next year we will be able to go back to our normal field day operation and that this year’s challenges of setting up alone independent stations will turn to be a good learning experience preparing people to get more involved in next year’s event. Also now that you have tried, you can take some time to improve/expand your own home station and if you haven’t, start building your HF setup or a setup for digital contacts. Even if not as large as Field Day there are continuously contests you can participate.

    This year more than last year I have also tried to push the organization to work as a team following more strictly the ICS systems, and I am quite happy of how the team worked together. Without chief Bob on planning, chief Neil on operation chief Pat and chief Jeneen on logistics (although minimal this year), Lisa as PIO, Peter as SO, and Mike as deputy IC this event would have not been the same.

    My biggest regret for this year is that i didn’t have the chance to put up my new 70ft VDA antenna that i build during the past months, but I promise it will be up at the next event.

    Angelo N6QAD


    Hi all,
    time to wrap up Field Day 2020. All scores have been uploaded and now we are compiling statistics before next club meeting.

    As part of our program we planned to give out some prizes to of which require your vote.

    If you have attended the educational presentations and the virtual dinner please consider sending in your vote.


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