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Field Day IAP and Operating Guide

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    Neil, W6VG

    We’ve uploaded the Incident Action Plan (IAP) and Operating Guide for Field Day 2020 to our club library. Copies have been emailed to folks who have signed up to participate, but it’s not too late to join in! Contact Bob Mitton, KM6DKE for any training questions. We have a final Zoom meeting 6/24 at 7pm, and a Thursday night net 6/25 at 7:30.

    The IAP can be found here

    The Operating Guide can be found here

    Casey, KA5WAX

    ( catching up (absurdly busy), scanning the various PDFs. )


    • Did an online sign-up ever appear for the Visitor Stations? I have 1 tentative taker to join me biking over to the Mitton’s, and I would like to visit Neils Joint, but don’t want to cramp anyone’s style.
    • Flash Educational Demos – I am guessing we’ll just gather our wagons around the internet and take turns. I hope to share my screen for my rilly short bit.
    • Flash Education Demos, outreach. May I share the Zoom meeting with folks from our Butano community who are growing more interested in radio? I distributed 3 copies of the Gordon Technician’s book last weekend, btw, and folks are warming up.
    • is there a cheat-sheet/cookbook/docker for talking to Angelo’s setup?
    • schedule for above?

    I had ordered some gear to game-up a bit, but sadly the universe isn’t simpatico w/my efforts. So I’ll be participating via my funky rig in the Canyon and some HTs. This means my VHF simplex contact participation will be hmm… sporadic? not possible? dunno, will review.


    Mike, KJ6VCP

    The schedule for the flash demos is in the pdf, along with the overall schedule. Yes, we’re just going to circle the wagons on zoom, and screen share / camera / whatever works for that education demo. I see no reason not to share that session with others. Can’t remember if we agreed to record it or not.

    Directions for N6QAD remote access are in the pdf as well. We didn’t try to script the setup, but Angelo is available on Friday to help with access / setup.

    As for visitor station signups, we’re going direct to the station owners via email, phone, or VHF to coordinate. (Engineering efforts have been focused on stations.)

    Reminder – the last prep and planning zoom meeting is this evening, 7pm.

    Neil, W6VG

    Casey, I have folks signed up for 3-5 Saturday and 9-10am Sunday. You are welcome to come by Saturday 12:30-1:30 or after 5pm Saturday. Let me know so we can sign anyone else in for a slot on Saturday. – Neil

    Neil, W6VG

    p.s. I think it’s okay to share the Zoom meeting with specific individuals. Our hosts for Zoom are Bob and Irma so they can chime in with any objections. We’ll discuss tonight. The point of FD is to get people jazzed about radio! Good job in distributing Gordo’s books!

    Eva, KN6CZD

    Few more questions, maybe they can be addressed in some of the the training/help offerings on Friday?

      Does anyone have a *csv version of the field day 2m band plan in the ops manual that could be used for programming?
      How do i enable memory banks on the FT-60 in the programming software? I currently have the coastside communications plan programmed and looking at the RT systems software or the chirp i cannot see a setting to group programmed frequencies in banks that can be scanned separately. I want al the FD 2m simplex frequencies in a single bank
      What does a sample paper Contact log entry look like (required info)?
      What does a complete spelled out sample exchange script look like? I am still a bit confused by the write up in the ops manual.
    Neil, W6VG

    Eva – I can help with all of these things Friday when you come over. I know this amount of information is overwhelming in document form, but once you see it in person it will make a lot more sense. I can also help with the FT-60 programming when you’re here. Bring all your programming stuff so we can sort it.


    ….and a paper template for Field Day logging is available here

    Practice tomorrow will make everything more clear.

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    I will post Chirp csv files for simplex when I create them, unless someome else already has them. I may not get to them until Friday.

    David, KM6DOV

    UHF and VHF Simplex frequencies for CHIRP CSV
    Someone should probably double-check my work, but this is the list I’ve been using as long as I’ve had a radio. I added channel names for the BayNet Simplex frequencies.


    There was a reference to a practice session on Friday? When is that? Thanks. Pat


    Here is the link to the latest version of the operating guide:

    BayNet 2m frequency are included

    The paper template for logging is at

    Tune in on the repeater frequency and we will do practice tomorrow!



    By all means come by and bring your guest. Give me a heads up on when you might be here. The fun starts at 11am. I’ll be pretty busy from 2-3.
    Full Schedules are in the Operating Guide, but here is the Zoom schedule. You should expect to be on around 2:20.

    SC4ARC Field Day 2020 Flash Educational Activities Schedule Saturday, June 27th
    14:00 – On the Zoom
    14:00 Educational Activities start
    The reverse beacon network– Angelo, N6QAD
    How to field program an FT-60 – Bob, KM6DKE
    Kite antennas– Mike, KJ6VcP
    Web SDR – Neil, W6VG
    Stupid places I have gone to try and join the SC4ARC net and how it worked out– Casey, KA5WAX
    DMR hot spots – David, KM6DOV
    Sending an NTS message – Mike, KJ6VCP
    AOP – Contact Chief Bob KM6DKE if you want to present something (100 points)

    15:00 Educational Activities Ends
    Note: this time slot is open to our friend dignitaries, connect if you want to claim your points for visiting Elected Officials and Agency Representatives.


    Neil, W6VG

    Pat, I will be set up by noon tomorrow (Friday), probably earlier. Put out a call on the repeater and we can set up a test of whatever you’d like.


    Happy Field Day all!

    We are monitoring the repeater while setting up. Let everyone know how things are going at your station.

    If you haven’t, join SC4ARC facebook page and post photos!

    Link for checking in is
    Link for the point calculator is

    Have fun!

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