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Field Day Food Committee

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    June 23rd and 24th we will have Field Day at the La Honda Gardens.  If you are interested in organizing dinner Saturday evening or breakfast Sunday morning, please discuss or sign up on this thread.

    So far, we have:

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    Lisa, W6LSC

    I’m happy to bring plates, napkins, cups and utensils, as well as a vegetarian main dish, and a carnivore’s main dish.  I’d like to repeat last year’s MO, by keeping clean-up simple, i.e., no onsite prep, dishes to wash, etc.  That just becomes a drag.  Trudy’s addition of flowers last year was especially nice!  🙂  We should probably take a survey of who’s bringing what in the next few nets…

    Bill, KI6MEG

    Bill, KIMEG

    Will bring beans, as before.

    Art, W6VV

    I will bring my appetite.


    Mary, AF6IE

    Neil and I will bring a side dish and a dessert.

    MARY P.

    Lisa, W6LSC

    Great – keep the dishes coming!  I’ve ascertained the running tab at the market with Glenn.  Make sure to wear your badge when you make your purchases.


    Jeneen, could you please make an announcement on tomorrow night’s net asking for what people are bringing during the discussion portion?  Thanks! 😉


    And on the topic of badges:  If you’re in good standing and haven’t received yours (or don’t know where it is) let me know here and I’ll bring you a new one to Field Day.

    Remember that the quick reference information on the back changed last year.  The old badges had the blue bar on the right, and should be discarded.  The current badge has the blue bar on the left, and the silhouette of trees in the green area.

    Lisa, W6LSC

    Jeneen informs me Craig is bringing the tent, tables, and a big cooler. Jeneen will also bring a smaller cooler.  If I recall correctly, last year we were able to use one of the generators, briefly, to make coffee.  Jeneen will see how many amps her coffee maker draws.  We’ll also need water and a water dispenser.


    Thanks, all!


    No problem running the coffee maker:  Just be sure to talk to the Power Master so there’s enough generating capacity spinning before plugging in.

    We reduce our carrying capacity when it’s not all needed, to conserve fuel.  Typically we use about 3 gallons of gasoline over 24 hours. Yes;  In an emergency we can operate a communication center with lights and commissary continuously for a week on a little over 4 jerry cans of gasoline.  Nice to know. 🙂


    Sherry and Tom will bring main dish for Saturday Nite dinner pot luck.


    KG6LGO – Sherry


    Here’s the list of sign-ups for the potluck so far.  I’ll check for more tonight

    on the net.  We’re in good shape.  I’ll bring the meeting box and water dispenser/jugs.


    Main Dish
    Lisa (veg & carnivore)
    Side Dish

    Jeneen (vegetable of some sort)









    I’ll be at the antenna raising on Friday.

    Linda – w6ljb

    Lisa, W6LSC

    To add to Jeneen’s list –

    Vic – Cheap, red wine.

    Tom- an appetizer or side.  (I opt for the appetizer, since we’re low on that).

    Larry and Brian – Cheese and crackers. (Cool, more apps!).

    Greg and Linda M.- Dessert or main. (Either welcome)

    Linda B. – Watermelon


    Thanks, Jeneen!


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