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Field Day 2021 is coming !

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    Hi all,
    it is that time of the year and we are going to get ready to smash all our previous records.

    Field Day 2021 is coming on June 26-27 be there or be square!

    This year we are trying to organize a club small scale field event for people who are vaccinated and feel comfortable to participate in a small gathering (if we succeed this will have strict safety protocols and will adhere to ALL CDC/State/County rules), but we will also operate like last year with multiple home station operating 1E/D/C. ARRL allows also this year to submit scores together with club names so that we can then aggregate points. Note anyone can participate within the privileges of his own class.

    It is important that you register asap if you plan to participate so that we can make sure your are listed on the announcements. Registration form is at

    Plans and documentation will be shared as soon as we finalize them. Please consider also signing up for the organization. We will need a full ICS structure filled in particular if we will have an in person event. So far this year only Neil and I are working on the organization. Please sign up here

    Also this year we will also have an internal contest with prizes!

    Sue, KN6CZA

    I have never participated in a Field Day but I’m interested in participating (during daylight hours). I’m already Covid-vaccinated. But, I just have a Tech license and have the Yaesu FT-60R and Kenwood D710G transceivers that I might be able to setup portable (I have a battery and solar charger for it). I think most of the Field Day looks like it’s geared to people with Extra and Amateur licenses since I can’t transmit in the HF range. So I’m wondering what the Tech license people do? I’m willing to come help out in person just so that I can learn more about it.
    But looking at the signup sheet you attached, I don’t know what most of the positions do. (I’m not very creative when it comes to organizing food for something like this – based on feedback from previous events I’ve been on). So I’m willing to help but not sure where to direct my energy. Would it be most appropriate to just be a helper for my first Field Day?
    Sue DuHamel
    (I did stop in to Field Day for 10 minutes 2 years ago)

    David, KM6DOV

    As long as there’s a general class control operator near enough to grab the mic, you can operate using the club’s callsign on Field Day. We can pair you up with an HF privileged scribe so you can get as much radio time as you can handle on Field Day. Extra class privileges aren’t really useful in contests/events because people are out to make as many contacts as possible, so why would anyone fish in rarified waters?

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    Nathaniel, KN6LGM

    I can offer my services a HF scribe, as my HF equipment is not really portable–particularly the antenna. I have had both of my vaccinations and signed up to be at the club site. So in me, you will have a general class operator with likely just a VHF hand-held.


    Dear Sue and Nate.
    as David said the beauty of field day is that you will work together with operators that have extra privileges. That means you will be allowed to operate any band any mode allowed for the contest. You will need to participate within your class privileges only if you participate from your home.

    If you join the club event assuming we manage to organize it this year, we will have 2 HF radios and 1 VHF ready. So you don’t have to bring your radios. There are many things to do like helping raise antennas, setting up the camp and of course operate. So if you don’t want to take any specific position in the ICS structure no worries there is plenty to do during the event. ICS positions are important to help organize and run the event smoothly. So if you are interested in any of that, it is a great opportunity to sign up. Both Neil and I can help you out in learning those roles.

    By the way David did you sign up. Of course you have been volunteered by default. Let me know what role you want to play this year.

    Anyone else?


    Sue, KN6CZA

    Awesome Angelo! I’d love to help set up etc. Since I haven’t participated before and don’t know what’s involved, I’ll leave it to the organizers how best to utilize me.
    Do most people participate the entire 24 hours? I’m good for daylight hours.


    Folks have gotten quite a bit out of Field Day by logging entries for a little bit with an experienced operator and then switching seats after they’ve heard how the exchanges are made. You can stay for a little bit if that’s all of the time you have, but an hour or two will be more rewarding.

    Staying for the full 24 hours is amazing; You will hear how the bands change as the Sun activates the ionosphere and then as the night falls. Early in the morning you will hear Chinese broadcast stations as the Sun goes down over there and we briefly share a night sky just before our dawn. And then those far away stations to our West just fade away…

    David, KM6DOV

    Setup is (almost literally) half of Field Day. On Friday, there’s erecting shade structures, raising antennas, running power and feed lines, configuring radios. Then there’s measurements to make sure everything is ready to go followed by air tests. The first ARRL bulletin comes in around sunset, and there’s a scramble to copy on multiple radios. Then most people go home to get a night of sleep before the 24 hour contact spree. Saturday to Sunday is an all-out contact-making spree with different stations negotiating which bands are active so nobody is interfering within our encampment. Some people camp overnight. Others work the radios for most if not all of the 24 hours. Then we pack everything up, decamp, and run the numbers to see how badly we beat Half Moon Bay.

    Sue, KN6CZA

    Thanks for the great explanations Peter, David and Angelo.
    It’s really helpful for us newbies.

    Eva, KN6CZD

    I just signed Terry and myself up for in person. We’d love to stay overnight in our rig and listen to the night chatter under the stars. Sounds intriguing, Peter! We can serve hot coffee and oatmeal in the morning 🙂

    We are with Sue regarding ICS roles for the event, we’ll be happy to help set up and do any role that you see fit, Angelo, and we can fill competently.

    Lisa, W6LSC

    Hi, Eva (and Terry, too),
    Will you two be participating from your bus this year?

    Lisa, W6LSC

    Okay, I think I answered my own question.

    Lisa, W6LSC

    To those stations offering educational opportunities and visitor areas, please let me know, as I will be writing letters to those special guests and dignitaries. Please let me know by Sunday, 6/20, 2100hrs at the latest. Thanks! This will gain us many points, as it did last year.


    Neil, W6VG

    Thanks Lisa. I will be having a visitor station open to club members and special guests from noon to 6pm on Saturday, 8am-10am Sunday. I’m in San Gregorio, address provided on request. If anyone is interested in seeing/helping with Friday set-up, let me know. It will be mid to late afternoon Friday.

    I have an educational opportunity for flash zoom presentation and in-person visitors. It’s about the long wire end-fed antenna I just built offered by ARRL and HF Kits. It was fun, easy, and inexpensive to build. Initial SWR tests look awesome, but I’ve yet to get on the air with it. I hope to do that later today.

    Sue, KN6CZA

    HI Neil,
    It sounds like there isn’t going to be a club station at Open Space Parking lot or anywhere so I’d love to see/help with setup on Friday and then to visit on Saturday/Sunday. So I’ll need to know the hours and location you’d like help at. Hopefully it won’t be a situation like when our 3 boys would help out and I’d joke that having them help makes it take twice as long!


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