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Field Day 2020 Invitation – We want you to be involved

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    Hey everyone,
    We’re getting pretty excited about the upcoming Field Day. At least 15 of our club’s stations will be operating over the 24 hour period, and we hope all our members, especially Technicians, will take advantage of this fun opportunity to get on the air and see how many different people and places you can reach with your home set-up.

    It’s not any more difficult or challenging than Monday night nets. In fact, Field Day is probably much easier than club nets, because you only have to repeat a couple of phrases, you have as many opportunities as you want to practice, and you can be on the air as much or as little as you want! And if you can get your non-licensed family members involved as your “scribes” to help log your contacts, even better!

    To help everyone prepare, Neil (W6VG) has put together a quick guide on all the different ways someone with a Technician’s license can get involved. It includes info on how to operate Voice, digital, satellite, VHF, UHF. Angelo has even figured out how you can use his HF radio over the internet for both voice and digital. Activities for Technicians

    If you want to be included let us know and we can set you up. We can arrange 1:1 meetings to walk you through set up, operation, calling CQ, responding, and logging. We can also hold a “Knobology” class — how to program, how to switch frequencies, how to go simplex, how to get help, how to find contacts, how to log contacts, etc. The club has some loaner equipment if you need it, too. We will we’ll be using the repeater frequency throughout the weekend to stay in touch.

    Bottom line, even if you are a new ham, there’s lots for you to experience with Field Day. Please consider joining us, and we’ll give you all the support you need.

    Save the date: Wednesday, June 3 at 7pm, we’ll have a special info session on Field day. Zoom invite will follow shortly.

    Bob, Neil, Angelo, Janeen, Peter, Mike and the rest of the Field Day Crew.

    Activities for Technicians
    Message Exchange
    ARRL Tips for Really Trying
    ARRL Worked All States Map
    ARRL Band Chart

    This message is one way, reply via the message board here Field Day 2020 Plan

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