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Field Day 2020 Conference Call 6/3/20 @ 7pm

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    Hey Everyone,
    The Field Day organizing committee invites you to a Zoom meeting this Wednesday night 6/3/20 at 7pm. The invite is below.
    We have a great agenda planned.

    1) Recap of what Field Day is and SC4ARC’s unique style of participation.

    2) Where you can go to operate – If you don’t have an HF rig or license, you can still get on the air. Several club members will have stations set up outdoors. Learn about the different ones and how you can use them. Also, ARRL just changed the rules to allow operating from home to count towards the clubs score as well as your own so there’s no reason not to get on the air.

    3) Scheduled activities – One of the best things about Field day is the opportunity to try something you wouldn’t normally get to do. Last year it was fox hunting. This year we have socially distanced activities as well,. All of these will be scheduled so you know when and how to participate.

    4) Training – We’ll talk about how to operate, what to say, where to tune, etc. This is your chance to hear how experienced operators work, and ask any questions you might have.

    5) Simplex test – We’ll have a simplex test while on zoom so we can map out who canreach whom directly on UHF and VHF. Valuable info in any case.
    See you on Wednesday.

    Bob, Angelo, Neil, Mike, Jeneen, Peter and the rest of the Field Day Crew.

    Irma Mitton is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
    Topic: SC4ARC Field Day Planning
    Time: 07:00 PM – )8:00 PM
    Date: 6/3/2020

    Join Zoom Meeting
    Meeting ID: 447 581 6481

    One tap mobile
    +16699009128,,4475816481# US (San Jose) 13462487799,,4475816481# US
    Dial by your location
    +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)
    +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
    Meeting ID: 447 581 6481
    Find your local number:

    Casey, KA5WAX

    Grogs of the Air,
    is this happening weekly?


    Yes, We have a planning meeting every Wednesday at 7pm
    You are welcome to join.


    Yes, We have a planning meeting every Wednesday at 7pm
    You are welcome to join.

    Casey, KA5WAX

    Sorry I had to scoot.
    I offer to present, during the zoom ‘technical talks’ a Technician’s POV on “stupid places I have gone to try and joint the SC4ARC net and how it worked out”

    it will cover using my Yaseu HT with a variety of antennas and locations
    using various mobile units from rooftops with FongTennas, mobile antennas and a log periodic
    wandering around Butano ridge tops.

    I can keep it really short, and I have photos.

    Mike, KJ6VCP


    Eva, KN6CZD

    I’d be very interested in Casey’s topic and learn about the “stupid” places to avoid and why 🙂
    Terry and i did a whole bunch of tests after we got our license last summer from various places on skyline and up he hill, and we had a very mixed bag of success with our handhelds. For example, we have never been able to connect to home via the repeater from 4 corners despite assurances that this should be no problem. On the other hand, up the hill behind our house i was able to talk to Terry with my Yaesu ft-60. when he was visiting a friend in Pescadero. Also from Portola Redwood state park to La Honda, no issues.

    David, KM6DOV

    I didn’t get the memo that we’re continuing weekly until after it was over. I’ll be there next week.
    I’m also interested in Casey’s dead zone report.


    I don’t think anyone has worked our 2m repeater from four corners with a handy talkie. It is possible with a mobile radio (whip antenna mounted on a car.)

    I’d be interested comparing your observations with our coverage maps which you may find under the tab “Information” -> “Repeaters” at the top of the page. Coverage indicated is 90% confidence you can send and receive intelligibly.

    Mary, AF6IE

    Re working the 2 meter repeater from 4 Corners: When I used to work over the hill I stopped more than once to test contact with the repeater with my HT with a whip antenna. I parked in the lot in front of the store (the south east corner and found I could both hear and be heard if I put my HT on my car roof which is an effective ground plain. Those who are shorter than I (5’7”) or have a taller car (mine’s a Prius). Might have a harder time.

    Neil, W6VG

    The Wednesday night Zoom meeting is a weekly meeting with Incident Command Angelo and the Chiefs for Planning, Logistics, Finance and Operations. Since we’re working hard to find ways for everyone to participate on FD, we scheduled an open meeting June 3rd. I think we agree that the meetings (only 2 more) will continue to be open to all. We still have logistics and operations to discuss, so that should be the focus of the meetings. As Operations Chief, I welcome all comments and questions about how we can make this Field Day a success.

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