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Discussion of general interest including club business and events. Please post ARES discussion in the SC4ARES group.

Field Day 2017 Debrief

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    It’s been a few weeks, so it’s a good time to collect thoughts about Field Day and how we can improve or change next year. Lots of things went well, but I really want to know what didn’t go well or what we should change.

    Here’s my short list to kick things off – please add to the list !

    Incident Commander and Operation Chief really need to be two persons.

    We should schedule experienced operators for the initial shift on the radios.

    We had a bad cable in the trailer between the radio and the switch box. The moral of the story is never let the Incident Commander wire things up.

    Make sure you double check the spider beam mast up close, lest it actually turns out to be a piece of PVC pipe.

    DUPS – if they don’t have you in the log – do the exchange again! Someone messed up, and it doesn’t matter who.

    We need some basic troubleshooting sheets for radio operations (e.g. won’t transmit, frequency won’t change)

    We need blackout tarps for the radio tent

    We need to spend more time collecting and documenting the antenna details before going on the air.

    We should track the antenna in use when logging

    The lag screws worked really well for stakes!


    I have uploaded the field day results summary to the library:

    Mary, AF6IE

    Is this our personal best?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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